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Rule a group of heroes from one of a dozen races in the fantasy world of Eressea. Turn based strategy using the Magellan Client for graphical interface.

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  • World of Kaomaris IV - Strategy conquest game featuring chat room, message boards, high play-by-e-mail score table, and championships.
  • Eressea - Rule a group of heroes from one of fantasy a dozen play-by-e-mail races in the fantasy world of fantasy Eressea. Turn based strategy play-by-e-mail using the Magellan Client fantasy for graphical interface.
  • Adventurers Guild - Strategic roleplaying game of gladiatorial combat, fantasy adventuring, and wilderness fantasy exploration. Established 1990. Features 19 character races, free trial turn.
  • Atlantis - Open-ended, multiplayer, computer moderated strategic fantasy game for play-by-e-mail any number play-by-e-mail of players.
  • The Seraph Chronicles: Realm Wars Log - Weblog with information on all threads and characters wargames in the fantasy RealmWars multi-verse.
  • Incubus Designs - Offer Serim Ral, a fantasy wargame. Includes rulebooks, wargames details of fantasy current games, with associated forums and wargames joining instructions. Company based fantasy in Loughborough, United Kingdom.

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