Twelfth Pass Play-By-E-Mail Pern Literature

This category is for any Twelfth Pass play-by-email clubs set in the world of Pern. The Dragonriders of Pern is based on a book series by Anne McCaffrey set on the world of Pern where telepathic dragons and their riders battle an organism called Thread that destroys anything organic it touches.

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  • Black River Weyr - A relaxed canon (female brown and blue riders allowed) round-robin club set in an alternate Twelfth Pass where AIVAS was damaged, featuring an innovative Weyr in a dormant volcano off the coast of the Southern Continent.
  • Coastakia Weyr - A play-by-email club set during the Twelfth Pass play-by-e-mail on an twelfth pass island in the Southern Great Bay.

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