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An original setting in the midst of an interstellar war. Characters attempt to survive the power struggle. Contains player written novels, setting information and writing discussion.

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See Also:
  • Wing Commander: Battle For Enigma - Marine sim unit focused roleplaying. Meets Sundays at roleplaying 9pm Eastern in AIM chat. Fills in on roleplaying the message boards between sims.
  • Brunswick's Academy for the Gifted or Astray - Set in a highschool for the magically gifted. Characters are military experiments, tricked into being given special abilities. Includes character blogs, photo albums, and rules. [proboards hosted]
  • Twisted Worlds - Set on the futuristic Astral Station, involving characters of various message boards races with psychic and technological combat. Rules light.
  • Sol Niger - Set in another galaxy, where the last survivors message boards from Earth have been stranded after an uncontrolled message boards hyperspace jump. Players can be human or alien. message boards Rules and game background. [Archive, may not be message boards active]
  • Code Name: Desert Hunt - For RPers of intermediate to advanced experience. Setting science fiction pits violent rebels against government agents. Combat uses science fiction dice. [freeforums hosted]
  • Lattice - A free-form roleplaying environment filled with natural and artificial worlds in a fantastic future setting.
  • Noxt Aislinn - Unique steampunk environment with information on races and the setting.
  • Phase Shift - Sci-fi/fantasy hybrid roleplaying. Play by post, freeform, quick roleplaying posting and science fiction rules light.
  • Drictyron Supernatural Academy - Play by post RP in a school for message boards the supernaturally inclined with students of all species message boards with innate skills. [Proboards Hosted]
  • Star Army of Yamatai - Detailed original space military setting. Contains setting information, science fiction guides and a wiki with lists of races, science fiction weapons and vehicles.
  • Underworld - Based on the Underworld movies, centered around a science fiction war message boards between Vampires and Lycans (werewolves). Canon movie science fiction characters allowed, message boards rules light, includes a list of science fiction possible character ranks. message boards [Proboards Hosted]
  • AlturasForums - A forum community with several science fiction and geopolitical games.
  • Charmed: Age of Prophecy - Based on the Charmed TV series taking place in San Francisco and the Nether Realm. Includes a list of casting requests and a rules handbook to guide new players.
  • New Worlds Project - An original setting in the midst of an science fiction interstellar science fiction war. Characters attempt to survive the power science fiction struggle. Contains science fiction player written novels, setting information and science fiction writing discussion.

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