Play-By-E-Mail Science Fiction Roleplaying Online

Political, military and economic wargame. Players take on roles as key politicians and leaders in a human-dominated universe. Features details on the setting, factions, maps, rules, and an encyclopedia.

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See Also:
  • Heritage - RPG set in the near future, with a science fiction series of events stretching from Antarctica to Mars.
  • USI-RPG: Unified Space Intelligence - Set 800 years in the future. Includes a technology database, play-by-e-mail setting description, factions, races, wiki, and a discussion forum.
  • Dune PBeM - An online play-by-email game based on Frank Herbert\\'s roleplaying "Dune". Players take on the role of a roleplaying House in the Imperium. Rulebook, discussion forums and roleplaying setting information.
  • All Mother - Game set on a futuristic Earth-like world setting.
  • The Universe - Political, military and economic wargame. Players take on science fiction roles science fiction as key politicians and leaders in a science fiction human-dominated universe. science fiction Features details on the setting, factions, science fiction maps, rules, and science fiction an encyclopedia.
  • Star En Garde - Combines turn-based orders and e-mail list roleplaying. Inspired roleplaying by Buck science fiction Rogers, Star Wars and Hitchikers Guide roleplaying to the Galaxy.
  • Myst Reinterpreted - An alternate D'ni - Game set in the Myst universe, played using science fiction a rules-light system based on FUDGE. Background, rules, science fiction and instructions for joining are included.
  • Seraph Chronicles: Realm Wars - Galactic-based free form adventure. Features details on how to roleplaying join, chronology, character roster, game rules, and contact information.
  • Use the Spark - Set on the planet of Amamesa. Alchemists, pirates, roleplaying clockwork engineers, and other characters in an environment roleplaying which includes a newspapers library, rumour mill, job roleplaying posting and expedition announcement boards.
  • Joint Effort - In a prosperous republic, tobacco, alcohol, and other play-by-e-mail drugs have play-by-e-mail been made illegal. Play as a play-by-e-mail law-enforcement-officer, bootlegging dealer, or play-by-e-mail double agent.
  • KJC Games' Warlord - Post holocaust world using 20th century weaponry. Features roleplaying rule book download.
  • Steam Trek - Adventures in an alternate history where Queen Victoria is out to rule the solar system. Players become crewmembers of Her Majesty\'s Aethership Dauntless commissioned by the United Kingdom of Planets.

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