VGA Planets Play-By-E-Mail Science Fiction Roleplaying

VGA Planets is a graphical, multi-player, PBEM, space war game. The game emphasizes colonization of space and the development of the planets that you will find, colonize and/or conquer.

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  • Portable Host Project - A free and portable hosting program replacement for science fiction VGA Planets version 3.x.
  • VGA Planets 4 Official Beta Site - With downloads of beta files and various components of the game. Includes online help and a gallery of images.
  • GuernPlan - Guernsey based VGA Planets. Contains reports, downloads and play-by-e-mail strategy guides.
  • VGA Planets Home Page - Official home page by game\\'s creator Tim Wisseman. Latest releases of hosting and client software. Some add-ons.
  • Circus-Maximus - VGA Planets news, hosting, support, FTP and forums.
  • Starbase Gamma - Information resource for VGA planets players. Tables for races and play-by-e-mail shiplists, with updates on the beta status.
  • PlanetsServer - VGA-Planets community offering free hosting, game creation, PList science fiction games, and tools.
  • English PlanetsWiki - Wiki containing information on VGA planets. Publicly edited play-by-e-mail information articles, as well as bug and feature play-by-e-mail request lists.
  • RCworld Universe - Automated VGA Planets host site. Includes player resources, forums and play-by-e-mail chat rooms.

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