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  • Charleston, USS - Set on the USS Charleston, NCC 70570. The Charleston Class was designed to be a fast, powerful battleship. Part of the Enforcers group of Task Force 21.
  • Odyssey, USS - The USS Odyssey, NCC-8965-B, is a Prometheus Class starship and obsidian fleet member of the Protectors task group of Task Force 21.
  • Gladiator, USS - The USS Gladiator, NCC-74676, is an Intrepid class starship and the flagship of the independent group of Task Force 21.
  • Rama, USS - The USS Rama, NCC-80001, is a Sovereign Class obsidian fleet starship serving in the Defenders group of Task obsidian fleet Force 21.
  • Dorsetshire, USS - The USS Dorsetshire, NCC-56459-A, is a Miranda Class play-by-e-mail starship serving task force 21 in the Enforcers group of Task play-by-e-mail Force 21.

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