Task Force 72 Obsidian Fleet Play-By-E-Mail Star Trek

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  • The USS Pendragon - Excelsior class starship.
  • Eclipse, USS - The USS Eclipse, NCC-70134, is an Akira Class obsidian fleet starship, obsidian fleet assigned to task group Gamma, Task Force obsidian fleet 72.
  • Armageddon, USS - The USS Armageddon, NCC-86435, is an Akira Class task force 72 starship, assigned to task group Beta, Task Force task force 72 72.
  • Raider, USS - The USS Raider, NCC 42558, a Miranda Class starship is play-by-e-mail serving in task group Alpha, Task Force 72.
  • Nox, USS - The USS Nox, NCC-59684, a Galaxy Class Starship is part obsidian fleet of task group Alpha, Task Force 72.

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