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This category is for sites about variations of traditional Sudoku. Such variations may include Word Doku (using letters that often spell words), deviations from the 9×9 grid with the 3×3 regions (for example: non-square regions, larger/smaller grids, combined boards, and so on) or any other variation.

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  • Killer Samurai Sudoku - Offers printable samurai sudoku puzzles for download. Also provides rules and solution strategies.
  • Math Games: Sudoku Variations - Offers detailed descriptions and illustrations of Sudoku variations, including Diagonal, brain teasers Cubical, Even-Odd, and hybrids. Also includes a short history.
  • Sudoku-Ball - A three dimensional version of the puzzle. Includes game rules, online version and news.
  • Mathematical Recreations - Custom Word Doku puzzles devised by Steve Schaefer. Features an entire sentence embedded into the puzzle.
  • Sudoku Samurai - Offers printable sudoku samurai puzzles for download.
  • Eijidoku - Word based version of the game.
  • Sudokuto - Two-player variant. Offers several board sizes to play against the computer. [English/Norsk]

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