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Includes an overview of how Sudoku is solved, a monthly contest and a downloadable Sudoku game. Also includes a kids section and discussion forums.

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  • Prize Sudoku - Offers competitions for prizes. Traditional Sudoku, Godoku (letters) puzzles and Super Sudoku (16x16).
  • The Heebie Su Doku Site - Offers a glossary of terms, links to puzzles brain teasers and variants, and tips for solving.
  • BBC News: The puzzling popularity of Su Doku - Article by Paula Dear. Covers history in Japan and the puzzles UK and compares to the Rubik\\'s cube craze of the puzzles 80s.
  • Daily Sudoku - Offers a different printable puzzle each day. Also includes solutions and FAQ.
  • My Days Are Numbered - An article by Seth Stevenson offering a brief overview of Sudoku.
  • Scanraid LTD Search Technologies - Sudoku Solver by Andrew Stuart. Shows the logic sudoku behind solving sudoku sample games square by square.
  • pi-c-it Sudoku - Generates and solves classic and X-Sudoku problems. Diverse puzzles options and brain teasers an integrated help facility.
  • Puzzle Bus - Offers a daily puzzle, books, software, and related brain teasers merchandise. Also offers puzzles for syndication.
  • Sudoku-san - Free daily puzzles with four difficulty levels. Also offers a puzzles solving assistant and downloadable e-book collections for purchase.
  • - Includes an overview of how Sudoku is solved, a monthly contest and a downloadable Sudoku game. Also includes a kids section and discussion forums.
  • Sudoku enumeration - Several programs in different languages for analyzing possible Sudoku combinations.
  • Simple Sudoku Solver - JavaScript brute force solver.
  • Sudoku - History, instructions, variants and puzzles in four difficulty sudoku levels (PDF format). [German/French/English/Spanish/Italian]
  • Gaby Vanhegan - Daily and random puzzles at six difficulty levels, sudoku Flash and brain teasers JavaScript solvers, solving techniques and glossary sudoku of terms.
  • Hirofumi Fujiwara's Sudoku - Offers a tutorial for creating puzzles, a Java-based solver, and puzzles links to other resources. [English/Japanese]
  • SuDokuMate - SuDokuMate is a SuDoku Helper (not a Solver) brain teasers that puzzles replaces pencil and paper to aid solving.
  • The Times Sudoku - Daily sudoku and killer sudoku puzzles from The Times newspaper, puzzles London.
  • Sudoku Addict - Offers printable grids and solution walkthroughs.
  • The Economist: Do you sudoku? - Article on the puzzle\\'s popularity in the United puzzles Kingdom and puzzles elsewhere.
  • Universal Press Syndicate - Offers monochrome and color grids and variations for sudoku online and print syndication. Information on syndication as sudoku well as an interview with creator David Bodycombe.
  • Grant Gibson - Offers syndicated puzzles for websites as well as brain teasers print publications.
  • Free Sudoku Puzzles - Offers a free javascript version of the sudoku game.
  • Christiaan Olie - Personal page describing Sudoku, rules, strategies, and offering puzzles puzzles to print. [Dutch/English]
  • Dan Rice's Sudoku Blog - Weblog discussing techniques for creating and solving puzzles, puzzles including hard sudoku puzzles. Also offers a daily puzzle.
  • World Sudoku Championship - Information on the 2006 World Sudoku Championship held in Italy. Includes background information, events, results and FAQ. [English, Italian]
  • Vegard Hanssen's page - Offers a database of crafted puzzles, organized by brain teasers difficulty. brain teasers Also offers FAQ and forum. [Norwegian/English]
  • Sudoku Online - Includes Sudoku tips and strategies as well as brain teasers a downloadable game and a 3D Sudoku puzzle.
  • Maths Is Fun - Offers a number of applications and solvers for brain teasers a variety of platforms. Also offers custom puzzles.
  • The Guardian: Sudoku fever grips UK newspaper readers - By Stephen Brook. Article covers how the UK craze got brain teasers started.
  • - Free daily printable Sudokus. Also offers history, rules, sudoku and solving techniques. [English/Spanish/French/Catalan/German/Portuguese]
  • The Guardian: So you thought Sudoku came from the Land of the Rising Sun... - Article by David Smith covering the puzzle\\'s origins brain teasers as "Number Place" by Dell Puzzle Magazine in brain teasers New York in the 1970s.
  • Knight Features - Publishing syndicate in the UK and Ireland. Offers several variations, brain teasers including classic, colour, kids, and Sudoku Word.
  • Solve My Sudoku - Solves puzzles based on inputted information.
  • Daily SuDoku - Offers daily printable puzzles of varying difficulties, including puzzles Sudoku for sudoku Kids. Also offers archive of past puzzles puzzles, tool for rendering sudoku custom puzzles, FAQ, and puzzles books for purchase.
  • Sky One - Information on UK-based cellular provider\\'s world-record largest Sudoku puzzles puzzle and puzzles accompanying contest.
  • 9x9, 6x6 and Samurai Sudoku - Offers classic Sudoku and variants, as well as puzzles an online solver.
  • - Offers HTML to add a JavaScript-based puzzle to sudoku any site. brain teasers [English/Spanish]
  • Solving Sudoku - Step by step guide to solving sudoku puzzles. brain teasers puzzles Goes from basic to advanced techniques.
  • Sudoweb - Free daily puzzles with five difficulty levels. Also puzzles offers printable brain teasers e-book.
  • Minimum Sudoku - A project collecting Sudoku with the smallest number of givens brain teasers that are still uniquely solvable. Offers the puzzle for download brain teasers in text format.
  • Play Sudoku - Flash version of the Sudoku game. Also offers puzzles solution.
  • SuDoKu-Cracker - Only creates puzzles with a "unique solution". The built-in generator sudoku has six different levels of difficulty and can generate many sudoku (millions) different puzzles. All puzzles can be printed, exported, saved sudoku and opened again.
  • Sudoku Puzzles - Free daily puzzles with five difficulty levels with their solutions. Also offers guide to solve Sudoku puzzles.
  • Information For Beginners - Collection of printable grids, ordered by difficulty level. brain teasers Solutions provided. Includes rules and solving methods.
  • Sudoku Online Solver - Free online generator, solver, and helper. [English/French/Spanish/Polish]
  • Wikipedia: Sudoku - An encyclopedia entry describing the rules, history, strategies puzzles and variants puzzles of Sudoku. Notes that these puzzles are a type of puzzles "Latin square" puzzles which have been analyzed since ancient puzzles times.
  • Sudoku Place - Offers daily puzzle in PDF format. Includes archive, FAQ, and brain teasers a "dozen" variant.
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