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Shareware puzzle solver. Generate and solve puzzles, print out the grid for solving by hand, tips and tutorials with online discussion forums. [Windows XP/2000/Me/98]

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  • Sudoko Solver by Logic - JavaScript-based solver which attempts to complete grids by software logic. Includes brain teasers step-by-step description as well as suggesting software a single move. Offers brain teasers challenge to find new software logical methods for "unsolvable" puzzles.
  • Sudoku Java Solver Applet by Klaas - Java-based brute force solver. Displays animation of solution. software Solves pre-defined sudoku puzzle or allows the user to software enter his or her sudoku own puzzles.
  • SudokuME - Open source Sudoku game for any Java enabled phone. software Includes downloads, a game manual and user forums.
  • Sudoku Companion - Sudoku puzzle generator for Mac OS X.
  • Sudoku Sensei - Open source application which describes the logic used software to solve a grid, rather than using a software simple brute force solution. Includes source code and software samples. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux]
  • Sudoku Solver - .NET solving program. Either offers hints or solves entire puzzle.
  • Sudoku-Help - Excel-based shareware helper application.
  • DKM Sudoku Online - Play online puzzles at one of four difficulty levels. software Also includes a solver program and hints. Software for Pocket software PC and Windows also available.
  • Sudoku Solver in Three Lines - Explained - Small bit of perl code that will generate a sudoku puzzle solution.
  • Simple Sudoku - Freeware puzzle creator for Windows.
  • Sudoku Dragon - Shareware puzzle solver. Generate and solve puzzles, print software out the software grid for solving by hand, tips software and tutorials with online software discussion forums. [Windows XP/2000/Me/98]
  • - Offers puzzles in PDF and mySQL formats for software solving offline or building into custom applications. Also software offers online puzzles with three difficulty levels and software customizable look-and-feel. [Dutch/English]
  • Super Doku - Sudoku game available for Motorola V400.
  • Erational Sudoku Helper - Flash application to assist in solving puzzles by brain teasers using software basic scanning techniques. Download and source code brain teasers available.
  • Su Doku Master - Sudoku puzzle generator and solver software for Mac software OS X.

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