Sudoku Browser Based Puzzle Video Games

Registered users can save unsolved puzzles and high scores are kept at three difficulty levels. Also offers rules and tips for solving. [English/Russian/German]

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See Also:
  • Paul's Pages - Offers random, crafted, and non-standard puzzles. Includes hints and import/export sudoku tool.
  • - Offers daily puzzle, downloadable games, and instructions.
  • - A new Sudoku puzzle every day and an archive of old grids.
  • Sudoku Fun Puzzles - A website representation of Sudoku, the broad sheet newspaper puzzle imported from Japan. Leaderboard lets players compare completion times.
  • Sudoku Zone - Play sudoku puzzles online for free.
  • Seeing With C - Sudoku Solver - A solver program with an article explaining the algorithm used.
  • Fiendish Sudoku - Free daily sudoku puzzles at five difficulty levels. Online solving grid with hints and step-by-step solutions.
  • Sudoku by Froggy - Generates 2x2, 3x3, and 5x5 puzzles with adjustable browser based level browser based of difficulty.
  • Free Sudokus - Offers hints, solution checking and grids in sizes sudoku other than browser based 3x3.
  • Braingle Sudoku - Interactive sudoku game with high score tracking. Includes solution strategies.
  • Web Sudoku - Free puzzles with difficulty levels ranging from easy to evil. Provides print and online syndication.
  • Sudoku Puzzles - Daily puzzles offered at four difficulty levels, available browser based for play online or printed out. Includes rules browser based and archives.
  • Play Sudoku - Registered users can save unsolved puzzles and high browser based scores puzzle are kept at three difficulty levels. Also browser based offers rules puzzle and tips for solving. [English/Russian/German]
  • Count to Nine - Offers five difficulty levels, timer, solution, and printable browser based view.
  • Number Logic - Offers a new timed game daily, with a sudoku validator and browser based four difficulty levels.
  • - Offers up to four difficulty levels.
  • Bob Hanson's Sudoku Assistant - JavaScript-based gameboard and solver. Can use cross-hatch scanning sudoku and subset browser based elimination.
  • Daily Sudoku Puzzle - Offers daily timed puzzle and four difficulty levels. [English/Portuguese/Spanish/German/French/Italian]
  • Asymmetrical Sudoku - Includes a generator and solver.
  • Ridiculopathy - Sudoku Shuffle - Play with letters or numbers in the grid. sudoku Includes high browser based scores, hints and move verification. [Requires sudoku Flash]
  • Sudoku League - League of online competitors. Scoreboard, rules, FAQ, hall browser based of sudoku fame, and instructions. [English/Czech]
  • Sudoku Central - Offers daily puzzle for printing. Also includes archive, browser based online puzzle solver, and solving tips.
  • BrainBashers - Offers daily puzzle in one of three difficulty levels. Archive of daily puzzles and an assistant.
  • SudokuDave - Easy to very difficult puzzles that you can puzzle play online or print out.
  • Sudoku Hints - Offers daily web-based puzzles with five difficulty levels. browser based Includes solver, helper, and XML feed.
  • GSudokr - Online sudoku puzzles with solutions, game instructions, and browser based timing.
  • Jaap Scherphuis' Generator - Java-based generator offers four levels of difficulty. Includes puzzle view of browser based solution.

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