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Java game in which the player tries to score points by filling up 3 by 3 squares on a grid using tetris style pieces. Try to make the high scores list.

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  • Sokoban - Tidy up all the crates of mail.
  • SegPlay - Play to beat the clock in this online puzzle version of browser based a paint-by-number puzzle in Java. Features puzzle a selection of categories browser based and images.
  • Masterword - Try to guess the 4 letter word the computer is thinking of in no more than 10 tries.
  • Caught At Work Productions - Offers a new brain teaser each Thursday, plus puzzle archive of puzzle past puzzles.
  • Tile Puzzler - Offering online Pentomino puzzles, Tetris style puzzles, and video games overlapping browser based tile puzzles. Solve existing puzzles or create video games a new browser based puzzle.
  • Set Game - Online versions of Set and Quiddler mathematical and browser based word card games. Features a daily puzzle and browser based contest.
  • ADDiction - Solve each Java-based puzzle by swapping pairs of video games adjacent numbered tiles whose sum is a multiple video games of 3 or 5. Available for play online, video games or download.
  • Quadrix - Click on squares to change the color of neighboring squares and bring the entire grid to one color in this JavaScript logic puzzle.
  • - Select a numerical sequence based on clues. Has puzzle a hall of fame.
  • Colors - Try to line up five matching colored chips puzzle for removal, while the computer adds extra chips puzzle to the board randomly after every move. Use puzzle strategic skills to play for high score in puzzle this online Java puzzle.
  • Lightsout Cube - An online version of Tiger Toy\\'s Lightsout Cube and browser based links to other Lightsout puzzle sites.
  • Chockablock - Java game in which the player tries to browser based score video games points by filling up 3 by 3 browser based squares on video games a grid using tetris style pieces. browser based Try to make video games the high scores list.
  • Contamination - Take over the entire board by contaminating enemy pieces in this online Java game that combines strategy and puzzle elements. Play against the computer or up to two other players.
  • The Lateral Puzzles Forum - Set or solve lateral thinking puzzles. Includes a browser based selection puzzle of current and already solved puzzles.
  • Facie! - A game about feelings and intuition, the object is to browser based make Facie smile with the least moves possible. Playable on browser based the Web or mobile phone, and includes the ability to browser based create a game for others to play.
  • NIM - Two player game in which players remove matchsticks in an browser based attempt to force the other player to remove the last browser based one. Played online against the computer or downloadable.
  • The Stone - Information about the internet's mystery game, The Stone.
  • Puzzles - Offers free interactive logic puzzles including solutions and video games tips on how to solve brain teasers.
  • SameGame - Goal is to remove all color tiles from video games the field, by removing connected groups of the video games same color tiles.
  • Clicker - Remove all of the black squares by toggling colors with browser based each click.
  • Diamond 16 Puzzle - Rearrange rows, columns, and quadrants in a 4x4 puzzle array of video games 2-color squares to solve the puzzle puzzle and to make a video games variety of symmetric designs.
  • Cross Rings - Arrange the chain links in alphabetical order to solve this browser based Java puzzle.
  • RiddleScape - A ranking and competition system based on a puzzle select number video games of puzzles.
  • Hexcite - An online version of a board game where video games you try to place all your pieces a video games hexagonal board. Play against the computer.
  • Philosophy Games - A series of philosophical puzzles to challenge the video games mind.
  • Brainwave - Determine the shape that doesn\\'t fit in this puzzle series of ten visual logic puzzles. Solve all puzzle ten and get a top 5% brain award.
  • Rolling Cubes - Roll eight half black and half white cubes browser based around a 3 by 3 grid until you browser based have reversed the colors.
  • The Problem Site - Solve math problems, brainteasers, word games and riddles. Featuring a selection of free puzzles to help develop problem solving and lateral thinking skills.
  • HopSkip - Move the red square along the game board puzzle to step video games on all the green squares and puzzle make them disappear. Create video games a new board or puzzle play on a board created by video games other players.
  • Celtic Solitaire - Online puzzle game in which the player must video games form lines of five or more color marbles video games to score points and enter the top 20 video games players list.
  • Tilt Puzzles - Labyrinth maze game, tilt the board to place puzzle the squares video games on their targets.
  • JC Lava - Online game of logic in which players place browser based pieces browser based in rows and attempt to surround four browser based of the browser based opponent\\'s pieces to win. Play is browser based available for two browser based players or one player against browser based the computer.
  • Dot 2 Dot 4 Fun - Online version of the classic Connect the Dots puzzle game. Offers a choice of pictures in categories puzzle that include people, buildings, and animals. Requires Shockwave puzzle plug-in.
  • Jotto - Puzzle game in which the computer chooses a secret English word with five different letters. The object of the game is to use logic to try and guess that word through a process of elimination.
  • Rockz - Escape the caves with as many diamonds as puzzle possible, while puzzle avoiding falling rocks and flying creatures puzzle in this free Java puzzle game.
  • AOL Games - Puzzles - Offers online and downloadable puzzle games.
  • Dots and Boxes - Java applet playing at one of three levels video games of difficulty, with variable board size.

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