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Hundreds of frame style jigsaws using the icaPuz applet are organized by title. Also 2 daily puzzles using icaPuz and Playtonium engines.

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  • Crazy4Jigsaws.com - Play hundreds of online jigsaw puzzles for free, send e-cards puzzle and upload your own photographs. Choose from different puzzle cuts puzzle ranging from 12 to over 200 pieces. Compete in contests puzzle and win jigsaw prizes.
  • K International, PLC - Offering four frame style jigsaws with photographs from jigsaw puzzles Argentina jigsaw puzzles and Australia. Play is timed. Requires Flash.
  • Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws - Reviews online, freeware and shareware to play or browser based add puzzle to a website. Includes a list browser based of daily puzzle puzzles and online and downloaded samples.
  • Fell2Earth.com - Hundreds of frame style jigsaws using the icaPuz jigsaw puzzles applet jigsaw puzzles are organized by title. Also 2 jigsaw puzzles daily puzzles jigsaw puzzles using icaPuz and Playtonium engines.
  • JPuzzles - Free Java jigsaw puzzles. Features a large gallery, jigsaw puzzles joined browser based pieces, rotation, the ability to save game jigsaw puzzles and up browser based to 1000 pieces.
  • Crea-Soft Online JigSaw Puzzles - Online Flash jigsaw puzzles, each with 3 difficulty puzzle levels. Puzzles browser based are also available for your own puzzle website.
  • Castlib.dk - Play free online jigsaw puzzles
  • Jigsawland - Solve jigsaw puzzles online. Frame style puzzles are browser based organized jigsaw puzzles by difficulty and category.
  • Tilt Hammer - Flash Jigsaw Puzzles are available free to play online or jigsaw puzzles download. The pictures are of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet and Sheffield. jigsaw puzzles The puzzles are also available on CD Roms.
  • Sopuzzle - Free online jigsaw puzzles with a large gallery browser based of browser based pictures and a choice of difficulty.
  • A White Horse - Free online Java horse jigsaw puzzles from original puzzle paintings and jigsaw puzzles photos.
  • Online Playable Jigsaw Puzzle - Jigsaw puzzles to be played online or downloaded. puzzle Includes explanation puzzle for using own picture. SVG puzzle plugin required.
  • MS Team Silverlight Jigsaw Puzzle - Online jigsaw puzzle with 3 levels of difficulty and moving browser based pieces. Requires Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Jigsawrama Computer Jigsaw Puzzles - Download computer based jigsaw puzzles. A free demonstration is available.
  • Just Jigsaw Puzzles - Free online Shockwave jigsaw puzzles to play in your browser. 1800+ pictures.
  • Puzzle Island - Online jigsaw puzzles with pictures organized by category. Uses the JigZone Java applet.
  • EPuzzles Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles with high scores. Some puzzles may be browser based added to other websites.
  • Anagramania - Jigsaw puzzles organized by category and title. Requires puzzle Java.
  • Free Jigsaw Puzzles.com - Frame style jigsaw puzzles depicting a wide variety puzzle of subjects. jigsaw puzzles Updated weekly.
  • Puzzle Factory - Play free online jigsaw puzzle games or create jigsaw puzzles one with your own picture. Pictures are organized jigsaw puzzles by category and all pictures are added by jigsaw puzzles users.
  • The Flash Puzzle Zone - Free Jigsaw puzzles and other puzzles. Pictures are organized by category.
  • Jigsaw Online - 3 free new jigsaw puzzles daily with increasing difficulty and browser based optional rotation.
  • WebPuzzle Jigsaw Online Puzzle - Single and multiplayer jigsaw puzzles for members. Free trial browser based membership is available.
  • PuzzleMak - Weekly online frame style jigsaw puzzle. Also offering jigsaw puzzles downloadable jigsaw puzzles shareware for puzzle creation.
  • TDM GAMES' Jigsaw Puzzle - Free frame style Shockwave jigsaw puzzles with more jigsaw puzzles than jigsaw puzzles 100 pictures.
  • JigKids - Free online jigsaw puzzles for kids (or adults) jigsaw puzzles with many images, different cuts and a puzzle jigsaw puzzles of the day.
  • Puzzle House - Animals, scenery, people, and fine art, each with three levels of difficulty. Each puzzle is also available for purchase. Requires Shockwave.
  • Oneplayer - Install the freeware application, then select from a large assortment browser based of downloadable puzzles.
  • Garfield Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzles with famous cat. [Requires Flash.]
  • JigZone - Gallery of free online jigsaw puzzles, with 6-247 puzzle pieces and puzzle unique piece shapes. Includes daily puzzle, puzzle e-cards, and an email puzzle service for the daily puzzle puzzle.
  • WaveFormula - Downloadable wallpapers which can be played online as jigsaw puzzles \'scrambled tile' jigsaw puzzles. Java required.
  • play-free-online-puzzle.com - Online jigsaw puzzles are organized by subject. puzzle Each puzzle has 49 pieces.
  • Office Diversions - A collection of work and angst themed flash jigsaw puzzles.
  • La LA Land - Frame style jigsaw puzzles with four levels of difficulty, some with sound effects. Requires Java.
  • Jigsaw Break - Free online mosaic style jigsaw puzzles with contests. puzzle Players jigsaw puzzles can create puzzles from online pictures. puzzle Requires JavaScript.
  • JS Jigsaw Puzzles - Gallery of free online jigsaw puzzles with 8 difficulty levels.
  • Puzzledelisi - Online jigsaw puzzles with 35 and 70 pieces. puzzle Animals, places puzzle and flowers puzzle categories.
  • icaPuz - Java jigsaw puzzles to play online, purchase or browser based add puzzle to websites. Includes daily puzzles.
  • eLouai's Jigsaw Puzzles - Free online jigsaw puzzles based on various artist drawings.
  • PuzzleNet - Free online jigsaw puzzles organized by category.
  • Jigsaw Planet - Free online jigsaw puzzles. You can also create jigsaw puzzles your browser based own puzzles, send them to friends or jigsaw puzzles put them browser based on your website.
  • Jigidi - Free online competitive jigsaw puzzles. Choose a puzzle from the browser based gallery or create your own puzzles and share them with browser based friends.
  • National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles feature the National Geographic\\'s Daily Dozen from browser based Your Shot. Submit your own photos to turn into jigsaw browser based puzzles.
  • Jigsaw Free - A collection of free online Flash jigsaw puzzles.
  • World Peace Contest - Contest to complete a 5000 piece online jigsaw browser based puzzle jigsaw puzzles of a map of the world, while browser based each piece jigsaw puzzles is hyperlinked to an advertising site.
  • Together Jigsaw at Cafe.com - Free online jigsaw. Play alone or with up to 6 puzzle friends. Choose from multiple difficulties and pictures organized by category.
  • TNT-Factory Puzzle - One jigsaw puzzle with online highscore (Java required)
  • The Puzzle Society - A variety of puzzles and word games for browser based paid puzzle members. Requires Shockwave.
  • Article 19 Group, Inc. - A Shockwave engine for authoring and distribution of jigsaw puzzles digital puzzle jigsaw puzzles, with three sample puzzles.
  • Allegro's Animal Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles of animals for children or browser based adults. puzzle Requires java.
  • CastleMountains - Play online jigsaws or send one in an puzzle electronic greeting jigsaw puzzles card. Java required.
  • Cards For Fun - Free electronic greeting cards and online jigsaw puzzles.
  • DLTK's Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Online jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty, with daily additions. Uses the Playtonium (Shockwave) and JigZone (Java) puzzle engines.
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