Jigsaw Puzzles

Computer and video games about putting together a picture divided into small, irregularly shaped pieces. They are named after a 'jig saw', a small maneuverable saw that was used to cut out the wooden versions of these puzzles.

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See Also:
  • Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Downloadable puzzles for Windows. Each consists of about video games 35-40 video games pieces.
  • Webterrace - Photographs by Caroline P. Digonis. Uses the [email protected] jigsaw puzzles Puzzle puzzle engine developed by Tibo Software.
  • Puzzelate - Solve puzzles against the clock. 30 images included. Supports JPEGs. Free trial. For Windows. By Squirrely Productions.
  • Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles - From 4 to over 1000 pieces. Some puzzles feature animation puzzle and sound. For Windows. By Carolina Road Software.
  • Jigsaws Galore - Play, create and e-mail jigsaws from 4 to jigsaw puzzles 64,000 pieces. Several cheat and customization options. Free jigsaw puzzles trial. For Windows. By Gray Design Associates.
  • PocketJig - For Pocket PC. Up to 300 pieces. 8 difficulty levels. jigsaw puzzles 3 shape styles. Piece rotation. By Lena Games.
  • BigJig - Multi-featured jigsaw puzzle game with eight shape styles. Free puzzle every week. [Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP]
  • BrainsBreaker - Potentially thousands of pieces. Save feature. Organizational options. jigsaw puzzles Allows puzzle turning puzzle into any image. Windows shareware.
  • [email protected] Puzzle - Virtually unlimited number of pieces. Save feature. 3D gallery. Free puzzle trial. For Windows. By Tibo Software.
  • Jigsaw Reality - A game using 4 to 900 pieces using player chosen puzzle images. Offers screenshots, trial download, and purchasing information.
  • JigSaw Maverick - Uses standard shapes with no joining or rotation. Supports BMP video games images. Shareware for Windows. By Arthur Crump.
  • Jigsaw Mania - Thousands of pieces. Supports major image formats such jigsaw puzzles as BMP. Save feature. Free trial. For Windows. jigsaw puzzles By Inertia Software.

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