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Move from room to room in this maze of an old building, looking for the clues that will help you solve the puzzle.

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See Also:
  • Maze Games - Two dimensional mazes to solve with a Flash applet. [kid mazes oriented]
  • MazeApplet - Creates mazes based on square, diamond, hexagon and other shaped puzzle tiles. Tile size can also be reduced to create puzzle an icon or horizontal border that draws a new maze puzzle when refreshed.
  • Rebound - A shockwave maze in which a ball must correctly reflect mazes to dodge the holes and make it to the finish mazes line.
  • Maze - JavaScript maze where the goal is to find mazes the listed browser based item. Includes choice of maze height mazes and width.
  • Marbles - A maze logic game in which player controls between two puzzle and six marbles revolving them between the walls of echoing puzzle corridors; object is to push the marbles into available holes.
  • Maze Applet - Downloading and parameters.
  • Jbum Maze-O-Rama - Four java applets that create mazes of varying puzzle difficulty.
  • - A 3-dimensional, first-person browser maze; find the treasure hidden within mazes the maze and win a prize.
  • Manic Mazes - An interactive Java first-person hedge maze.
  • 3-D Perspective Maze - A Java online maze by Paul Falstad.
  • Forever Maze - A browser page-by-page based maze.
  • The Maze, by Christopher Manson - Move from room to room in this maze of an old building, looking for the clues that will help you solve the puzzle.
  • P-Card Game - Web-based maze game that can be personalized and mazes sent as an e-card. [English, Italiano, Français, Español, mazes Deutsche]
  • Delorie's Mazes - Four online maze generators using Java.
  • Logic Mazes - Collection of unusual interactive mazes for play online. browser based Also mazes offers printable mazes, articles, and links.
  • IM2: The Loneliest Clone in the Universe - A single player maze action puzzler in the puzzle style of browser based Sokoban and Minesweeper. [Shockwave]
  • RainbowMagic: Mazes - Four Java square mazes (must go through every puzzle square) and one 'page-by-page' rainbow maze.
  • Maze Maker - Generate random mazes for printing in tree, rectangle mazes and heart puzzle shapes.
  • Xor - Maze Challenge puzzle game - Remake of Xor game on Macintosh \\'Astral 1981 mazes / JvdLinden 1989'. [Javascript]
  • Flash Maze!! - A maze created using Flash.
  • Gambits Maze Factory - An interactive online maze site where one can puzzle create and play mazes. High scores offered.
  • Random Maze Game - Generates random Flash mazes.
  • Maze Generation - A Perl module that generates and creates displayable renderings of simple rectangular mazes.

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