Acrostic Crosswords Puzzles

This category is for printed acrostic and double crostic word puzzles.

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See Also:
  • Arsinoes - Cryptic crosswords and acrostics with regular or cryptic acrostic clues (PDF).
  • E-Crostic Software - Downloadable computer application. With the program comes hundreds acrostic of free puzzles by many different creators.
  • Bright Sparcs - Second of two crostics (HTML and GIFs) on crosswords Australian scientists.
  • Puzzlecrypt - Cryptic crosswords and acrostics with cryptic clues.
  • The Looking Glass - One puzzle (HTML) based on children's literature.
  • Acrostic 3.0 - Puzzle creation software.
  • Pomona College - One double crostic (GIF).
  • Alberta Views - Double crostics (PDF) based on Alberta authors from acrostic this bi-monthly crosswords magazine.
  • Mulawa Cryptics - Puzzles (HTML) with cryptic clues.
  • McArdle Crostic - One double crostic (JPEG).
  • Dr Owkword's - Double crostics (PDF) based on lyrics from rock, crosswords punk and puzzles soul music.
  • Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers - One puzzle (HTML) based largely on baseball.
  • Rumour Mill News - One radical puzzle (HTML and GIF) based on a Hunter S. Thompson quote.
  • Quote-Acrostics - One puzzle (GIF). Subscription required.
  • Finishing the Hat - Puzzles (HTML and GIF) based on the works acrostic of Stephen Sondheim.
  • Vox Popula - One double crostic (HTML and GIF). Beware of acrostic solution at page bottom.
  • Pennsylmania - Double crostics (PDF) from University of Pennsylvania.
  • William's College - One double crostic (HTML).
  • Metacrostics - Diabolical puzzles (HTML) with four line rhyming clues.
  • Double Reed Society - One puzzle (HTML and JPG) for bassonists and acrostic oboists.
  • Janeland - Puzzle maker for hire. Free samples by snail mail.
  • Acrostics 101 - Double crostics in large GIF format. Files may crosswords be awkward puzzles to print.
  • - One double crostic (PDF) and some puzzle solving crosswords software.

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