Wooden Mechanical Puzzles

These mechanical puzzles are made from wood.

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  • Pentangle Puzzles - Designers, manufacturers and distributors of over 150 quality puzzles wooden puzzles made in England.
  • Toys-for-all - Information on the company\'s products and how they are created.
  • Making the Burr Puzzle - Instructions on how to make burr puzzles including what tools wooden and materials to use.
  • les jeux d'Anna - Offers artistic and educational wooden toys.
  • Trevor Wood's Puzzles - Handcrafted wooden mechanical puzzles. (UK)
  • Mr. Puzzle - Offers a range of complex wooden burr puzzles wooden and brainteasers.
  • Tarata - Offers handmade balancing animals wooden game for adults and children.
  • Don's Puzzle Collection - A collection of handmade wooden puzzles and brainteasers. wooden Includes images of each both assembled and apart.
  • Knox Puzzles - Custom made wooden toys for children, puzzles and games.
  • IBM Burr Puzzles - Explore known burr puzzles and calculate new ones puzzles using the wooden burr calculator.
  • Cubic Dissection - Interlocking puzzle gallery. Handcrafted wooden puzzles for sale.
  • The Puzzle Palace - Offers a range of complex wooden puzzles and brainteasers including puzzles Gemani designs.
  • Pinnacle Puzzles - Traditional handmade wooden games and puzzles for the puzzles entire family. mechanical (UK)

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