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Solutions for the Rubik's Cube and many other mechanical puzzles. Post questions and get answers on the puzzle message board. Has a Puzzle of the Month page.

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See Also:
  • Tavern Puzzle Collection - Metal puzzles, created by blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky. Puzzle descriptions, and games solution pages, complete with diagrams for taking apart puzzles and games reassembly. Produced by Tucker-Jones House, Inc.
  • Tumbler Puzzle Solution - Step by step guide to solving the Nintendo Tumbler puzzle.
  • Brain Binders - Paper puzzles free to download.
  • - Home site for the Binary Arts line of mind puzzles.
  • The Puzzle Museum - Source of information concerning mechanical puzzles and their games history.
  • Brass Puzzles by Rocky - Maker of hand machined brass puzzles.
  • PuzzleSolver - Solutions for the Rubik\\'s Cube and many other games mechanical puzzles. Post questions and get answers games on the puzzle message board. Has a Puzzle games of the Month page.
  • Meffert's World of Puzzles - Manufacturer of many different types of Rubik like games puzzles.
  • Puzzle & Craft Factory - Provides Puzzles, Brain teasers, Toys and Games to people of mechanical all ages and skill levels
  • Impossible Bottles - Learn the puzzling art of putting large objects into small mechanical bottles.
  • Potty Puzzles - Puzzle site with wooden assembly, burrs, wire and mechanical many other types of mechanical puzzles. (UK)
  • Hockey Puck Puzzle - Offers a Rubik\\'s cube related 3D puzzle shaped mechanical like a games hockey puck, with many different design mechanical patterns.
  • Passion for Puzzles - Collector site offers information about puzzles like Rubik, mechanical includes pictures, mechanical solutions, and strategies.
  • Puzzle World - Different varieties of mass produced mechanical puzzles as mechanical well as games individual hand crafted puzzles and information mechanical for collectors.
  • Parlor Puzzles - Collectibles, puzzles, and gifts.
  • Tangrams - Ancient Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 geometric shapes. mechanical Learn its mechanical history, make a set, or try mechanical solving one of the mechanical shapes.
  • Livewire Puzzles - Makes wire puzzles of various levels of difficulty.

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