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  • Wod Project - Mailing list dedicated to creating a chronicle called Shadows over horror Amsterdam.
  • NB Mage Requests - Sheet updates (experience, equipment) specifically for Mage characters.
  • NBRequests - Mailing list for requests for general experience and equipment updates world of darkness for New Bremen characters.
  • NBChangeling - In character mailing list for Fae in New Bremen.
  • WtA_Updates - Mailing list for updates for Werewolf characters in horror New Bremen.
  • NB fae - Official Fae mailing list run by Storytellers and mailing lists assistant mailing lists storytellers.
  • Wraith Necropolis - Mailing list for Wraiths in White Wolf\'s Necropolis chat room.
  • A World Of Darkness - Discussion list for all World of Darkness games aimed at world of darkness storytellers and Game Masters.
  • Troupe Game - Mailing list fora LARP primarily based on the Laws of horror the Night Revised live action book.
  • Theatred - Play by Email and IRC world of Darkness world of darkness mailing lists mailing list for characters and players.
  • Chains of Steel - Mailing list is used for a freeform Play-By-Email mailing lists game, set loosely in White Wolf\'s World of mailing lists Darkness.
  • Wraith List - Discussion list for Wraith players.
  • HNC Wraith - Mailing list for fans of White Wolf\\'s Wraith mailing lists the world of darkness Oblivion.
  • Minds - Mailing list to provide and critique unofficial net horror supplements that world of darkness support White Wolf Games.
  • NB Mage - Discussion and announcement list for Mage players on White Wolf\'s mailing lists New Bremen chats.
  • Dark World - Play by Email mailing list for characters in world of darkness mailing lists the World of Darkness.

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