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See Also:
  • Owbn-scepter-ooc - Out of Character (OOC) list for the Ventrue mailing lists in One World by Night (OWBN).
  • Dark Reflection OOC - Out of character mailing list for Blood Masks mailing lists - horror Dark Side of the Mirror.
  • Malkavian Madness Network - Mailing list created by a player for players of Malkavians mailing lists in the One World By Night chronicles.
  • Owbn east - In character mailing listing for the East horror Coast games world of darkness of OWBN.
  • OWBN-Cam - In character list for Camarilla on One World by Night horror (OWBN)
  • Shadows of Cincinnati - A One World By Night (OWBN) mailing list for players mailing lists or visitors to Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Yahoo! Groups : owbn-scepter - In character mailing list for Venture Vampires on horror OWBN
  • Jyhad: the Indy Chronicles - Mailing list for Kindred of Indianapolis.
  • Imc Wod - For members of the IMC World of Darkness: horror Brentford Chronicles room.
  • Malk Contact - Private in character mailing list for Malkavian Madness.
  • Sin City - Mailing list for a Chronicle based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Owbn Cam OOC - General discussion and mailing list for OWBN Camarilla horror players.
  • BoB-IC - Bay of Blood - Baltimore under Siege mailing mailing lists list world of darkness for OBWN LARP game.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Aeon Adventure - Mailing list created to discuss the third game in the mailing lists White Wolf Aeon Continuum roleplaying setting.
  • Technocracy Mage LARP - An out of character OOC mailing list for mailing lists the Technocracy Mage LARP in Cincinnati, OH.
  • JMR - Mailing list for JMR Associates\'s Vampire LARP in the NYC.
  • Chicken head - Live Action chronicle of Changeling:The Dreaming for student\\'s at University of Maryland, College Park.

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