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If you're interested in trying Whitewolfs Vampire the Dark Ages roleplaying game, this site gives a nice snappy one page introduction.

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See Also:
  • Koldunic Sorcery - About the ways of sorcery of the Tzimisce vampire the dark horror ages Kolduns, written by Ronald Romine and based on vampire the horror dark ages Slavic folk beliefs.
  • Malio's Vampire: The Dark Ages - Character statistics.
  • A Short Introduction to Vampire the Dark Ages - If you\\'re interested in trying Whitewolfs Vampire the horror Dark Ages world of darkness roleplaying game, this site gives a horror nice snappy one page world of darkness introduction.
  • A Nocturne for the World of Darkness - Features rules and background for Setites and Toreadors in Vampire: vampire the dark ages The Masquerade and Vampire: The Dark Ages.
  • The Whitewolf Vampire Chronology - Gives a quick but well rounded chronological introduction vampire the dark ages to the history of vampires for Whitewolf\\'s Vampire vampire the dark ages the roleplaying game.
  • Clanbook Lhiannan - A resource for clan Lhiannan. Features information an introduction, character horror sheet and history.
  • Vampire History - A collection of writings on the Dark Ages clans.

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