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A Vampire chronicle is what many other game systems call a campaign: a series of gaming sessions using the same characters and settings in order to create a larger ongoing storyline.

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  • Graven Image - Modern-day realm with Sabbat, Camarilla and Independents all chronicles represented. Rules, vampire the masquerade player characters and chat room.
  • Sheffield by Night - Sheffield by Night Chronicle, Cities by Night and world of darkness chronicles a few rules/Rituals thrown in for good measure.
  • New Orleans by Night - Based in New Orleans, during present times. Includes chronicles a dice roller, character maker, creation backgrounds, and chronicles links.
  • Embraced - A White Wolf, Vampire: The Masquerade role play vampire the masquerade chronicles game. Includes rules, combat guidelines, chronicle, characters vampire the masquerade chronicles and clans.
  • The Fief of York - Background, summaries, and noteworthy characters from a chronicle set in world of darkness Yorkshire, England.
  • Dysendead from Grace - Yahoo chat-based chronicle set in New Orleans, Louisiana. world of darkness world of darkness Includes city history, characters, Traditions and optional rules.
  • New York by Night - Sinister storyline, character descriptions and portrait images.
  • Fort Worth by Night - Character lists, background, and rules for a chronicle set in Texas and played via IRC, MUD, and message board.

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