Vampire The Masquerade Chronicles World of Darkness Horror

Contains house rules, story teller biographies, list of characters and players, a gallery, a mortuary, and quotes. Located in Kansas city, Kansas, United States.

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See Also:
  • Oakville: By Twilight - Plays live action as well as online gaming. chronicles Various locations in Ontario, Canada.
  • Le Salon de la Rose - A valentine to clan Toreador from the Masquerade, chronicles including descriptions of the archetypes within the clan.
  • Saskatoon By Night - Introduction and contact information for a Mind\\'s Eye world of darkness Theatre game in the City of Bridges -- world of darkness Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • Auckland After Dark - Background, rules, and game reports for a OWBN chronicle in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Mount Pleasant by Night - News, characters, and rules from two LARPs in Mount Pleasant, world of darkness Michigan
  • Dark Horizons - Character descriptions from a LARP in Portland, Maine.
  • The Steele Mill - Character history and background for Darien Steele. Includes world of darkness vampire the masquerade pictures and other information.
  • Darkness Unveiled Playgroup - Rules and background for a small LARP group in southern vampire the masquerade Minnesota.
  • Panama Embraced - Rules and submission form for a Mind\\'s Eye Theatre game world of darkness in Panama City, Florida.
  • UK Masquerade Home Page - Homepage of UK Masquerade (UKM), a confederation of vampire the masquerade clubs playing Vampire the Masquerade in the UK
  • Denver After Dark - Rules, background, and contact information for a LARP world of darkness world of darkness in Denver, Colorado.
  • Under a Blood Red Moon - Features message board and character list in Luton, vampire the masquerade Dunstable.
  • The Immortal Underground - Vampire chronicle based in Chicago that meets every other and uses second edition World of Darkness rules.
  • NYC LARP 2001: Corvallis, Oregon - Advertisement for the 7th annual summer 2001 Corvallis, Oregon-based LARP world of darkness set in New York city.
  • Glasgow Vampire Larp - Independent Larp game which has been running since world of darkness vampire the masquerade 1999. Meets first Wednesday of each month. Does world of darkness vampire the masquerade not use the MET system.
  • Searching for the Phoenix - Background history for J Leung, a Gangrel in vampire the masquerade the Necropolis HTML chat
  • Coterie Of The Onyx Rose - Contains house rules, story teller biographies, list of characters and players, a gallery, a mortuary, and quotes. Located in Kansas city, Kansas, United States.
  • Vampires of Necropolis LARP - Rules and chat room for a defunct LARP vampire the masquerade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • 'Fractured Thrones' VTM LARP - In a crumbling, and decadent city, teetering on world of darkness chronicles collapse and anarchy nightly, there are more opportunities world of darkness chronicles then there are kindred to take them, if world of darkness chronicles you can survive long enough to attain them.
  • Capitol Chronicles - Features event schedule, campaign history, and character creation guidelines. Formerly chronicles located in central New Jersey, United States.
  • Ventrue Tyne and Wear Directorate - Information on the game, how to join, and player information. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • New Jericho by Night - Features rules, schedules, in-character background, and chat room vampire the masquerade chronicles for a game based in North-Eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Jacksonville Blood - Vampire the Masquerade Mind\\'s Eye Theatre chronicle based in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Dayton by Night - Vampire LARP located in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Sanguine Ritar Vindictor - Features rules, FAQ, and character creation guidelines from a monthly world of darkness Sabbat-oriented LARP in Denver, Colorado.
  • Dead Until Dusk - Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. Heavily vampire the masquerade world of darkness emphasizes Black Dog story lines, and is not vampire the masquerade world of darkness meant for players under the age of eighteen.
  • HarpyNet: Toronto - A companion site for the Erie Presence Vampire chronicles live-action game. Rumors, status lists, and out-of-character chronicles news. Updated weekly.
  • East of the River - Rules and background for a OWBN Vampire/Werewolf/Hunter chronicle in Hartford, world of darkness Connecticut.
  • Praxis Seizure - Defunct Vampire LARP in suburban Chicago.
  • BennyB's Vampire: The Masquerade Page - Schedules, rules, and background for a Mind\\'s Eye chronicles Theatre world of darkness LARP in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Bradford Fief Bulletin - Rules, announcements, and character descriptions from a LARP in chronicles Bradford, England.
  • Nosferatu Player's Guide - Provides information and suggestions on character creation and a variety vampire the masquerade of makeup effects.
  • JMR Associates - Organizer of commercial Vampire LARPs in New Jersey and New York. Includes rules, schedules, and background information for players.
  • Crossroads of the Damned - House rules, and tribes. Located in Charleston, Illinois, world of darkness vampire the masquerade United States.
  • Triangle By Night - Features background, event schedule, and message board for chronicles a LARP world of darkness in North Carolina.
  • Dayton Vampire LARP - Vampire the Masquerade LARP in Dayton, Ohio
  • Vampires In Texas - Background information and character list from a chronicle chronicles in world of darkness central Texas.
  • Eternity's End - Preludes, rules, contact information, and background for a vampire the masquerade LARP in Auburn, California.
  • Columns in Darkness - Online source for the Columbia Missouri Vampire the Masquerade LARP. Features information on how to join and a mailing list.
  • Unmasqued - A Vampire the Masquerade LARP in Oberlin, Ohio.
  • Toronto by Night - Rumors, rules, and character lists from a LARP world of darkness world of darkness in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Inquiry - Rules and news from a defunct LARP in Massachusetts.
  • Casablanca - Event announcements for a LARP in Palo Alto, California.
  • Shattered: Tales of the Wasteland - Includes histories and maps and is designed for chronicles both new vampire the masquerade and experienced players. Located in Wilmington, chronicles Delaware, United States.
  • Gangrel Homepage - Homepage for the Independent Gangrel of Necropolis
  • Gainesville: Nightfall - Rules, background, and character list for a game world of darkness vampire the masquerade in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Sabbat of the North Star - A defunct Vampire campaign in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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