Top Secret Modern and Espionage Genres Roleplaying

An out-of-print espionage roleplaying game published by TSR, Inc. (now Wizards of the Coast). Top Secret exists in two non-compatible versions: the original authored by Merle Rasmussen, and its simpler replacement, Top Secret/S.I..

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See Also:
  • TSSI Environments - Playable, interactive Top Secret/S.I. missions and training scenarios, including Blackhawk modern and espionage chopper training, and a Pepperdine University mission.
  • WebRing: tssi - Group of interlinking sites forming "Top Secret\SI Webring".
  • Top Secret Espionage Role Playing - Top Secret - the Role Playing Website with over 150 genres links to intelligence and espionage sites around the world. genres You will also find fiction, game resources and PC and genres NPC characters.
  • Ultimate Truths - An alternate Top Secret/SI setting inspired by the X-Files and the novels of Dean Koontz.
  • The Realms of The Imagination - Top Secret/S.I. site describing a series of adventures and alternative modern and espionage universes, including profiles of players, characters, NPCs, and vehicles. Also modern and espionage featuring weekly news and links about Top Secret.
  • Spies-R-Us - Rules, charts, skills, equipment, character sheets, and character creation resources for Top Secret/S.I.
  • Sheila's Top Secret Reports - Mission reports of Top Secret RPG sessions, told modern and espionage genres from a slightly sarcastic point of view.

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