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A simple site that has lots of random things, but more to the interest of Paranoia players, a complete, non-published adventure entitled "Just Because You're Paranoid..."

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Editor's Picks:

TIR Sector* - Features tips for GMs, several adventures, and research and development toys.
Paranoia-Live* - Paranoia "portal". Chats with original authors, JParanoia Java-based application to play the RPG online.

  • Electric Escape - A simple site that has lots of random science fiction things, genres but more to the interest of Paranoia science fiction players, a genres complete, non-published adventure entitled "Just Because science fiction You're Paranoid..."
  • Station Alpha - Simple site with a net games and research and development area.
  • Restart Start Page - Contains information on playing in the "Post-Reboot" Paranoia genres setting, as well as a complete list and genres reviews of all the printed Paranoia materials.
  • Crystal Shard - At the bottom of the page, there\\'s a paranoia link to science fiction download a .zip archive with several paranoia form templates and adventure science fiction ideas that some GM\'s paranoia might find handy.
  • Paranoia: 2nd Edition - A site with plenty of information for paranoia players of Paranoia's second edition.
  • Dvorak Card Game - The Paranoia Deck - Full rules and a printable deck of cards science fiction for paranoia a Paranoia card game.
  • MIK Sector - Offers to the GM new ideas for use paranoia in their paranoia Paranoia games, such as some new paranoia experimental weapons, new robots, paranoia psychological tests, the occasional paranoia Pre-Whoops artifact, more new equipment, and paranoia forms.
  • CRD Sector - Includes a guide for new GMs, plot elements for insertion into adventures, and downloadable bureaucratic forms for in-game use.
  • MAN Sector - Graphics and forms for game use, and a genres couple of paranoia original bots.
  • WebRing: paranoiaRPG - List of sites that make up the "Paranoia Roleplaying Game" webring.
  • ParanoiaLARP - A group of UV\\'s that run the ParanoiaLARP event at MegaCon every year.
  • Huyderman's RPGs'n'Stuff - A site dedicated to role-playing games, and other science fiction fandom science fiction stuff. Member submitted content, forums, and polls.

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