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An interactive roleplaying world where viewers can discuss their Shadowrun anecdotes in a style which is used in Shadowrun sourcebooks.

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Big Knobi Klub* - One of the oldest websites dedicated to FASA's Shadowrun RPG, containing over 10 Megs of game-related resources, including: an on-line novel, a huge 2060 Shadowslang guide, player character statistics, humorous datafiles, SR industry news, AAA megacorpora

  • Shadowrunners V2.1 - Random shadowrunner description generator. Help for those in shadowrun need of a challenging character. [limited content]
  • Shadowland Six - An interactive roleplaying world where viewers can discuss shadowrun their Shadowrun anecdotes in a style which is shadowrun used in Shadowrun sourcebooks.
  • Wolverine - Shadowrun material along with a variety of material for other systems including Earthdawn and Battletech.
  • The ShadowExchange - New resource site for FASA\\'s game Shadowrun. Made shadowrun by players genres to players.
  • The Shadows's Edge - Characters, armor, weapons, and other equipment.
  • Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace - Shadowrun fan fiction. Short stories, serials, full-length novels, science fiction as science fiction well as rambles, rants, and reviews.
  • Hoosier Hacker House - Features campaign background, game fiction, artwork, and message boards.
  • Studies of War & Oppression - Offers weapons, house rules, errata.
  • wReflexes - Information for both players and GMs ranging from science fiction location description, a database full of readily available science fiction NPCs as well as discussion forums and many science fiction other chances for visitor interaction.
  • Shadowrun JIS Project - Japanese Imperial State in the world of Shadowrun. [Japanese/English]
  • Official Shadowrun Site - FanPro LLC - The official site for the FanPro US published roleplaying game shadowrun Shadowrun, containing product information, freebies, and columns from the developers.
  • The Shadowrun Supplemental - The Shadowrun Supplemental is the longest continually running shadowrun Shadowrun magazine currently in print. The Shadowrun Supplemental shadowrun is dedicated to providing new source material for shadowrun the Shadowrun role-playing game on a monthly basis.
  • Slashdot: Shadowrunning In The Corporate Republic - Feature story by Jon Katz.
  • Lynx's Repository of Gaming - Shadowrun - A compilation of material on Diablo II, MUDs, genres Shadowrun, roleplaying and other gaming topics.
  • Cyberspace Matrix Programs for Shadowrun - GNU-licensed software for simulating deckers' Matrix runs.
  • deckerM's Shadowrun Page - Shadowrun fan fiction, humor and commentary.
  • Shadowrun QuoteFile - Huge archive of those famous player quotes, last science fiction lines, science fiction and OOC oopses for Shadowrun
  • The Valkyrie Module - An implants manager for characters of the Shadowrun RPG.
  • Shadowrun Webring - List of member sites.
  • Scandinavia in Shadowrun - An online sourcebook about the region, plus game science fiction fiction.
  • Michael Casavant's Shadowrun Pages - Personal fan page, detailing game campaigns, characters, and genres house rules genres as well as an alternative character genres generation system. [Shadowrun 3]
  • Welcome to the Shadows - Provides ideas to GM\\'s for plot hooks, runs and equipment genres for their group.
  • ShadowFAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about the Shadowrun genres role-playing game.
  • Dumpshock - A portal hosting more than half a dozen science fiction sites, shadowrun along with web forums and mailing lists.
  • Wordman's Shadowrun - Various articles written for the game, including a genres FAQ, descriptions, and technical lists.
  • The Walking Dead - Character descriptions, game fiction, and house rules.
  • TiCK's Shadowrun Page - Features character profiles, game fiction, and gaming advice.

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