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A set of Fantasy rules for Fudge, including the "Vale of the Wizards" magic system and campaign setting.

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Fudge Links* - An introduction to Fudge, and a large collection of annotated hyperlinks, maintained by Steffan O'Sullivan, the game's creator. FUDGE stands for Freeform, Universal, Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine.

  • Rogue Publishing - Downloadable PDF adventures and settings.
  • Fudge Factor - A free online magazine dedicated to the advocacy genres and support fudge of role-playing and the Fudge system.
  • Fudge Nikita - A complete rules set for running a Fudge based espionage fudge adventure, inspired by the original Nikita movie
  • Phill's FUDGE Page - Contains custom FUDGE rules and adaptions of other fudge games including fudge Deadlands, Judge Dredd and Traveller.
  • Evil Hat Productions - Collection of articles and game rules.
  • Medieval/Fantasy Weapons for Fudge - A listing of dozens of low-tech implements of fudge destruction, and genres their Fudge statistics.
  • FUDGE Net-Bestiary - A large collection of animals and monsters for Fudge, compiled universal from the Fudge mailing list.
  • Myst Reinterpreted - Interpretation of the Myst books and video games. universal Contains game fudge information, characters, and rules.
  • WebRing: fudge - Group of interlinked sites forming "FUDGEring".
  • Fudge, Circa 1993 - The "historical" December 1993 version.
  • Dead Sea Murder - An adventure book for the FUDGE Terra Incognita historical game. Travel to Palestine in the 1930s to solve a murder and find the Dead Sea scrolls.
  • FUDGE roleplaying game - Alternative rules by Cris Smith.
  • Dungeon Fantasy - A Fudge Powered Fantasy RPG that is being fudge posted as genres it is being written. The author fudge welcomes comments.
  • Fudge Designer's Notes - The history of the game, from conception to fudge publication, and fudge every stop in-between, by Steffan O'Sullivan.
  • Five-Point Fudge - A character generation system for Fudge, designed to fudge make Fudge character-building more accessible for newcomers.
  • Fudge FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Fudge.
  • Anna's Fantasy Fudge - A set of Fantasy rules for Fudge, including universal the "Vale universal of the Wizards" magic system and universal campaign setting.
  • FUDGE - The official Fudge site at Grey Ghost Games, universal the Fudge genres paper-edition publisher.
  • FADAD: Fudge for AD&D - FUDGE for Advanced Dungeons And Dragons - A detailed set fudge of rules for converting Advanced Dungeons and Dragons resources into fudge Fudge Resources.
  • Mike's FUDGE Page - A collection of Fudge resources including campaigns, optional universal rules, HTML fudge versions of Fudge itself, and some universal Java applications.

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