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A generic rules-lite roleplaying game that utilises neat little character descriptions and a five-rung ladder of task results as the core mechanic.

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See Also:
  • Oroborus multi-genre RPG - Rules light, point allocation, skill based game from genres Ragnarok Press.
  • Epitome - Continuous Roleplaying Game - Freeform organic diceless system that puts system mechanics in the universal hands of the users.
  • Player's Labor-saving Utility System - Alan Glvoer's archive of Joe Coleman's PLUS RPG.
  • Dramats Personae - Free simple role-playing system; there are no statistics, genres little math, universal no complex charts of equipment, and genres no magic. Characters represent universal skilled, but human (or genres roughly human), beings and have to universal use their genres wits rather than their powers, attributes or magi
  • OPIGS Supers - One page gaming system for super heroes.
  • Alternate Realities - A free universal RPG by Carter Butts, Karim genres Nassar, and universal Brian Rayburn. Approx. 88 pages genres (HTML, MS Word, Postscript).
  • SLUG - Simple, Laid-back Universal Game. By Steffan O'Sullivan.
  • 3Muse D6 RPG System - Free multigenere RPG system. Currently has fantasy and SuperHeroe rules.
  • OPIGS: - Simple one page gaming system.
  • Ex Mortis V 1.0 BRPS - Ex Mortis base role playing system. Free free systems to genres the public. Fully functional RPG.
  • Impresa Modular Roleplaying System - Modular RPG construction set. Free express rules for download include universal open collaborative license.
  • Cyno's Roleplay - A universal RPG by Chieh Cheng. Approx. 33 pages HTML rules, plus four 10-15 page genre books (fantasy, modern, near-future).
  • ARM - Minimalist system using logarithmic scales for all game free systems mechanics.
  • Hexatome: Exploiting the Number of Six - Light-weight role playing game rule system which emphasizes universal simplicity as free systems well as the scenario and fluently universal progressing plots.
  • Shadows - Simple yet powerful roleplaying for all ages.
  • Nuelow - Series of interlocking games that focus a little more on free systems love (both in the ideal and carnal sense) than those free systems that have proceeded it.
  • GURPS Lite - Free 32 page PDF version of the GURPS genres rules. "Covers universal the essentials of character creation, combat, genres success rolls, magic, adventuring, universal and game mastering."
  • ToAd - A model reality kit, where what seems real is real.
  • POLY, a free, customizable system for table top and LARP - A modular system that is adaptable to many styles of play.
  • Kaleidoscope RPG Support Page - An open ended system that adapts to a free systems range of settings and genres with few rules.
  • Generic Roleplaying All Purpose Engine - A free, one page, generic game system.
  • SAGA - A small system using attribute based dice pools.
  • Simple Rules Engine - A two page generic skill and attribute based genres roleplaying engine, genres focused on characters and stories.
  • The Awakenings Rules Engine - TARE, a universal rules engine. The complete basic rules are universal currently free, with two commercial campaign settings available for it.
  • The Window - Flexible, modular rules built around three gaming precepts.
  • Alpha-Zulu Games - Contains to free games: Alternacy, featuring character-driven skill development; and Mnemonic, a minimal rules, memorizable system designed for portability.
  • Cosmic Synchronicity RPG - A free RPG that incorporates concepts of Jungian psychology and free systems Robert Anton Wilson\\'s writings to produce a multi-genre cross-worlds playing free systems environment.
  • Campaign HQ - By Craig Griswold. Contains scenarios, rules, and paper free systems minis.
  • DUDE Role-Playing Game - This diceless universal determination engine is a one-stat, genres cinematic, freeform genres RPG, with several sourcebooks.
  • DCS - A simple role-playing engine, which can be customised genres for various game worlds and game types.
  • Universal - Features a free, universal roleplaying game system. Also universal includes supplements for the fantasy and Doctor Who universal genres.
  • Percentile Dice Game System - A 2 ten sided dice using system released genres under the free systems Free Gaming License.
  • The Ladder - A generic rules-lite roleplaying game that utilises neat genres little character descriptions and a five-rung ladder of genres task results as the core mechanic.
  • Infinite Horizons - Freely available rules for a multi-genre role-playing game free systems and universal supplements.
  • Role Playing System - Foundations for a game system, reference implementation of free systems that system and resource page to develop game free systems worlds.
  • Fantastic Realities - Works with any time period and genre, includes free systems 16 genres species, magic and monster systems, and realistic free systems rules all genres of which are optional.
  • EGO-Endless Gaming Options - A simple, universal system, with a stable core genres rule, a complete foundation, and plenty of room genres for modifications. Free to all.
  • Draft RPG - A small set of rules suitable for running universal campaigns of free systems independent backgrounds. Open content license, downloadable universal in PDF format.
  • Hyper - Generic role-playing game. Official site.
  • Prism - A versatile multi-genre free RPG by Frank J. Perricone. It is a modular system originally intended for use with Rolemaster\'s combat system. Over 100 pages, illustrated.
  • GAME - Skill- and attribute-based rules designed to fit on free systems one genres page.

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