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New rules for a futuristic D20 campaign. Has information on starships, new skills, weapons, along with bios of characters in the world.

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The d20 System* - Official site of the game engine and the Open Gaming License.

  • The Hypertext d20 SRD - Contains the version 3.5 d20 system reference document d20 system and d20 system is indexed, hyperlinked, and searchable.
  • Starcon Continuum Homepage - New rules for a futuristic D20 campaign. d20 system Has information on starships, new skills, weapons, along d20 system with bios of characters in the world.
  • DireKobold.com -- A D20 Adventure E-Zine - An internet D20 adventure magazine dedicated to the genres three principles d20 system of quality, quantity and flexibility.
  • Modernized! - D20 Modern Ezine - A free ezine, published to the web, that provides new material, suggestions, and other useful bits for a D20 modern campaign.
  • Fantasy gaming SRD - SRD for d20 roleplaying games in a fantasy setting.
  • Shadowrun D20 Conversion Site - A conversion site for the Shadowrun system by d20 system Wizkids to the D20 Format.
  • Weird War II - The Complimentary Website - Has variant rules, new equipment and vehicles and universal information for the PEGInc game Weird War II: universal Blood on the Rhine (and expansions).
  • The Boneyard - d20 conversions of creatures and rules from Advanced Dungeons and genres Dragons and Alternity.
  • RPGAttitude: D20 RPG Site - A website that contains new generator programs for the D20 system such as the NPC and Treasure Generator.
  • d20 Modern Roleplaying Game - The official site for The Wizards of The Coast d20 d20 system Modern RPG. Features free articles, downloads and artwork for the d20 system game.
  • Open Gaming Foundation - Contains Open Gaming Licenses and a clearinghouse for d20 system information about the system.
  • Ancient Worlds: Multicosm - Includes ancient Rome and Iceland campaign settings, new genres classes, feats, d20 system solo adventures, monsters, new rules, and genres product reviews.
  • PCGen - A character generator and maintenance program aimed at supporting any and all d20 roleplaying games.
  • Slashdot: Where Daemons and Dragons Collide - Feature story of the Open Gaming Project with reader feedback.
  • SVGames - Global Game Source - Offering d20 games and accessories worldwide. Cheap universal shipping and thousands of items. Managed by universal an award-winning team.
  • RPG Vault - Features new races, feats, and classes for the DC and genres Everquest universes.
  • d20 Magazine Rack - A site that has free downloadable electronic magazines such as d20 system d20Zine and TempesT\\'s Lore, product reviews, gamer resources, and gaming d20 system contests.
  • RolePlayingMaster - A software utility suite for D20/Dungeons and Dragons, incorporating character/NPC/monster d20 system generation, adventure building, and in-game combat/BattleMap manager.
  • Palaestra: A Land of Magic and Intrigue - Maps, fictional stories, artwork, house rules, campaigns, and genres general game information
  • The Gundam D20 Homepage - This is the homepage of the free D20 role playing universal game system conversion for Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • d20 Tools - Contains tools for the d20 system such as genres new equipment, universal feats, skills, classes, and characters.
  • Salon Technology: Dungeons & Dragons to go open-source - An interview with a gaming executive about an universal open gaming license for role-playing games.

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