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An effort to create a complete K-12 curriculum and set of course materials that are "Free" in the GNU sense.

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See Also:
  • Wikimedia Foundation - International non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth and development open source of free content, multilingual, wiki-based projects, and to providing the open source full content of those projects to the public free of open source charge.
  • OpenContent - Reason for being: "facilitate the prolific creation of computers freely available, high-quality, well-maintained Content." Content = everything computers but software.
  • Open Content Lawyer - Jordan Hatcher blogs about the law as it open content relates computers to open content, including the Creative Commons open content and Creative computers Archive licences.
  • Information Research Weblog - A forum to exchange information on publications and open source websites of potential interest to the readers of open source the journal, Information Research, an open access, refereed, open source electronic journal covering the information field generally.
  • Rice University's Connexions - Article on the first steps of an experimental, open source open-source/open content project that will "give a learner... open source free access to educational materials that can be open source readily manipulated to suit her individual learning style".
  • Open Content Alliance - Represents the collaborative efforts of a group of organizations open content from around the world. List of contributors, call to participate, open content FAQs, and press releases.
  • World66 - Free travel guide based on contributed open content.
  • OSCOMAK: Open Source Community On Manufacturing Knowledge - Goal: create a distributed global repository of production knowledge of open content past, present and future processes, materials, products.
  • First Monday - Open Content and Value Creation - Article by Magnus Cedergren discusses models involving the computers driving forces in a theoretical open content value computers chain.
  • O'Reilly Open Books Project - Read entire books online which were published under various forms computers of "open" copyright.
  • Free Curriculum Project - An effort to create a complete K-12 curriculum and set of course materials that are "Free" in the GNU sense.
  • - Aims to consult, design, educate and advocate interoperable data portability to users, developers and vendors. Provides information about the project for users, developers, and executives, news, frequently asked questions, and how to get involved.
  • Freebase - A collaborative knowledge base built on structured data open content harvested from many sources, including individual wiki contributions. open content An API and a database dump are provided open content for programmers.
  • OpenText Book - Registry of textbooks and related materials which are free for open content anyone to use, reuse and redistribute. Run by the Open open content Knowledge Foundation.
  • Drafting the Gift Domain - An introduction to IP law as it relates open source to Open Content (PDF).

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