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A large collection of Superhero clichés, with expanded rules for comic-book style action, and super-wealthy characters. Written and Illustrated (via photomanipulated portraits) by Stacy Allston

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  • Coloured Skies - A large collection of Risus tidbits and optional free systems rules - the archived-and-edited versions of material the free systems webmaster has proposed on the Risus Mailing List.
  • Smattering of Risus - Peter Kisner\\'s growing collection of Risus material, including free systems several free systems house rules and an examination of faeries.
  • The Risus Companion - A strategy guide/companion for Risus, available as a free systems commercial PDF from Risus publisher Cumberland Games and free systems Diversions. Each copy comes with a signed and free systems stick-figured membership card.
  • Rough Magic - A role-playing game of magic, mystery, and guns in 1960s risus Europe, using Risus as the engine. By Brandon Blackmoor.
  • Risusiverse - A wiki-based Risus fanzine.
  • Doctor Who Risus - Some notes on adapting the popular British SF series to free systems Risus, by Karl Paananen.
  • Phillip Foster's Risus Page - A quick sampler of house rules including Risus free systems Uno risus and genre "stylesheets."
  • Belgarion's World for Risus - An adapton of David Edding\\'s popular fantasy epics to Risus: universal The Anything RPG
  • Trapped in the Museum - A spooky supernatural Risus solitaire adventure in PDF form, courtesy of veteran designer Peter Schweighofer.
  • Unearthed at Mac: Risus - Several Risus items by Larry Bullock, including a free systems Java-based free systems in-browser character generator, assorted options, gaming tips, free systems and "Ars free systems Incantâtio," an alternate magic system. Many free systems of the articles free systems are also available as a free systems PDF.
  • Risus in Spaaaaaaaaace! - Campaign notes (characters and creatures) for a space-opera free systems Risus universal PBEM by Liz Rich.
  • Risus RPG Recipes - Quick adventures in "recipe" form for one-on-one Risus universal play.
  • Risus Tenhut - Expands Risus for use as a tactical wargame, and provides risus a setting based in Normandy in the wake of D-Day. risus The site also includes a translation of Risus to Danish. risus By Lars Erik Larsen.
  • Sleepwalkers - What happens when Lovecraft goes post-apocalyptic? Kenneth Coble universal lets us universal know with this mini-worldbook.
  • Travelling Light: A Risus Conversion for Traveller - Christopher Thrash brings Risus together with Marc Miller\\'s space-adventure classic in this example of "Recast Risus."
  • Flames of Risus - Carl Hewett\\'s collection of alternate methods for handling risus bonus-die gear, with other rules-notes.
  • Risus Cthulhu - Another take on Lovecraftian Risus. This one includes universal casual touches free systems of humor along with rules for universal going bonkers, thumping eldridtch free systems thingamajigs and quaffing space-travel universal beverages. By Manu Saxena.
  • Risus: The Anything RPG - The official homepage. A free, simple game for risus late nights when the eyes are bloodshot and risus the pizza is cold. The game is available risus in Rich Text, HTML, Plain Text and Adobe risus Acrobat formats (and commercially as a print-on-demand softcover). risus By popular game
  • Risus Firefly - Martin Runyon adapts Fox TVs short-lived but much-beloved space-opera-cum-horse-opera (and free systems by extension, the feature film). Complete with statistics for Serenity\'s free systems crew.
  • The Risus Kitchen - An all-content Risus fanpage, including a fantasy setting risus and a free systems Risus-based "Red Dwarf RPG," adapting the risus popular SF britcom for free systems amused gamers everywhere.
  • Minute Risus - Hollis McCray\\'s Risus site features a Risus character sheet and a WinDOS character generation program.
  • Mobile Armoured Fighting Team Risus - Risus rules for anime-styled mecha action, including both risus vehicle rules risus and a selection of character types.
  • Worlds at War - A briefly-described but compelling hard-SF space-adventure setting for universal Risus, with house rules and more, by Aaron universal Breland.
  • Risus Bunnies & Burrows - An adaptation of B. Denis Sustare\\'s rabbit-roleplaying classic risus to Risus, by Boyd Mayberry.
  • A Risus American Hero! - An adaptation of Hasbro\\'s G.I. Joe toys (and related cartoons free systems and comics) to Risus, by John Payne
  • Dungeonautica - Vincent Diakuw explores dungeoneering in (another) unusual way, via Risus.
  • I Have No Dice And I Must Game - David Masad\\'s page for Risus (with other brain-lite free systems gaming) free systems includes his "Risus Illuminati" rules and a free systems Risus adaption free systems of The Matrix.
  • The Risus Monkey - A Risus weblog and growing set of resources by Tim Ballew, including Silverlode 1908 (set in the "last days of the Weird West") and Dragonspire (a fantasy campaign). This is also the web-home of Dan Suptic's popular "Risus Mariachi" se
  • Risus Supers - A large collection of Superhero clichés, with expanded universal rules for free systems comic-book style action, and super-wealthy characters. universal Written and Illustrated (via free systems photomanipulated portraits) by Stacy universal Allston
  • Wild West! - A set of resources for westerns in Risus, free systems with universal lists of guns, period/genre clichés, and an free systems list universal of critters and varmints. By David free systems North.
  • Risus Pieces - Guy Hoyle\\'s collection of Risus material, including such free systems gems free systems as Vikings of the Caribbean and Satan\'s free systems Gulch.
  • Pineapple Leader - The home of "Hurrah" - a Risus WWI free systems Flying Ace sourcebook, and "Die like a Liao," free systems for Risus-ized giant robot battles.
  • One Risus to Rule Them All - An adaptation of Tolkien\\'s Middle-Earth to Risus, exploring character creation, free systems magic, and monsters. By Michael Kurko.
  • Uresius: Grave of Anything - An adaptation of Uresia: Grave of Heaven to Risus: The Anything RPG by S. John Ross, author of both.
  • The Other Risus Probability Table - David Prokopetz explores Risus probabilities, complete with graphic universal charts and risus lots of alternate file formats.

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