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Role-Playing background materials for the fictional city of Hellenback, especially for use with the Hero(tm) gaming system, especially Champions. Detailed: characters, scenarios, places.

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See Also:
  • Heroic Publishing's Online Multimedia Comic Books - The online comic book adventures of "Flare, the League of champions Champions, and other Heroic characters" - the original Champions universe. champions Order books, or see individual chapters online - changed occasionally. champions Graphically intense site.
  • Lightfinger's Champions Goodies - Resources by David \\'Lightfinger\\' West. Includes material that was cut from Dark Champions: Murderer\\'s Row, which he co-authored, as well as his rules for Professional Wrestling as a martial art form.
  • Nexus - High Powered Heroes - NEXUS, a superhero team in the Champions role playing game universe. The "high powered" means no active point limits - 100 STR bricks and 50 DEX speedsters, though on a standard 100+150 point base. Also: Hero System Windows Shareware and Freewar
  • Deadlly's Hero Page - "Power gamer" house rules, Power Force, Justice Squad: universal 8 detailed universal character writeups with pictures.
  • The Tony Jones Champions Page - Nine detailed superhero worlds: Overman 1994 and 2336; London and Moscow; Psionic; Axis World 1948; WinterWorld (post-holocaust); Superpunk 2127; Tellus 2335. Two unconnected scenarios: Ning-Ra, and Mongo (Flash Gordon). 3d6 damage table. Excellent site.
  • GameSpot's PC Gaming Graveyard: Champions - In-depth look at the making and cancellation of champions the computer game adaptation of Champions, including interview champions with Hero Games founder Steve Peterson, by Ron champions Dulin.
  • Errata: Kingdom of Champions - A page of official errata from Phil Masters, hero system the author of this British superheroing supplement.
  • WebRing: herosys321 - List of sites making up "The Hero\'s Adventuring Ring".
  • Super System Switching: Converting Hero to GURPS - From the Roleplayer GURPS newsletter, focusing on supers.
  • I've been to Hellenback! - Role-Playing background materials for the fictional city of Hellenback, especially champions for use with the Hero(tm) gaming system, especially Champions. Detailed: champions characters, scenarios, places.
  • Morpheus Unbound - Champions-specific information includes approximately 20 character write-ups, two universal adventures and champions six pre-created powers.
  • Firefall's GUARD Database - A Macintosh Hypercard program usable by Gamemasters and Players. Includes universal security levels, random powers/skills/disads generator, note fields, searchable database, and universal printable character sheets. Also 3 Poser pictures, and 3 customized universal action figures of C
  • Operation Rising Star - Characters, campaign backgrounds, and Herotracker, a shareware program universal for tracking champions combat in the Hero system.
  • Central Nexus - Several original characters, all played in short-lived campaigns. champions Hopefully more universal will be added at some point.
  • Bruce ZZTong's Hero System Material - Campaign supplement articles: The Super Villain Shopping Channel, champions Winzler Publications (hero tabloid), and Comic Book Science.
  • HH Productions - The Spectrum and Muskateer Comics Home Page! A hero system super-hero hero system universe presented as comic book titles: Avengers; hero system Huntress; Muskateer; hero system Spectrum; Troubleshooters; X-Factor; Young Champions. Text hero system stories and some hero system graphics.
  • Theala Sildorian's Unofficial Champions Home Page! - Amy G. Crittenden\\'s (aka Theala Sildorian\\'s) long-running site hero system of hero system Champions and Hero news.
  • Omega Force - Character sheets, game aids, adventure ideas and downloads.
  • Golden Hawks Universe - Shelley Chrystal Mactyre\\'s Original Champions Resources. A champions popular campaign hero system background, including Armitage Investigations, Chessmen, Golden champions Gate Guardians, Hudson Hawks, hero system Matrix, Viper Net, and champions of course the now official Primus. hero system Miscellaneous include champions DC a
  • Champions MUSH Home Page - An online internet adaptation of the role-playing game. universal Play as universal superheroes, supervillains, or game masters/admins.

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