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  • Champions 3000 - A far-future superhero setting. Contains game information, sourcebook champions details, and the campaign book.
  • The RC Universe - Shared campaign universe for tabletop and play-by-email. Includes character illustrations campaigns and biographies as well as fan fiction.
  • Defenders Inc. - 6 hero descriptions, world description.
  • Champions of San Diego - Character and game summaries from campaigns set in campaigns New York City.
  • The Broadsword Champions Index - 3 campaigns in a common world: Furies; Guardians; Project Starcross. Also: world timeline, villains, house rules.
  • World of the Four Hundred - Two Champions campaigns: UN PEACE, the UN\\'s teenage superhero team campaigns and The Franklin Academy For Exceptional Youth / Force 10 campaigns / Team 2, a group of US superteens who may campaigns well be in over their heads. There are several campaigns small Web sites devoted to the two camp
  • The Before Breakfast Universe - A group of Los Angeles paranormals discover that hero system they hero system can make a huge profit from their hero system powers.
  • Matrix - Canadian Hero Teams (Montreal and Calgary). Campaign background, character descriptions, character pictures, "Rogues Gallery."

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