World Building Roleplaying Games

A web-based application that creates generic random events for a nation or region. The user can specify the starting year, number of years, and events per year.

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See Also:
  • Timeline Generator - A web-based application that creates generic random events roleplaying for a world building nation or region. The user can roleplaying specify the starting year, world building number of years, and roleplaying events per year.
  • Criar Mundos - Building Worlds - A step-by-step guide for creating original settings and games incorporating realistic roleplaying details. Various resources and references. In games English and Portuguese.
  • Magical World Builder's Guide - Suggestions for creating consistent magic themes for fantasy settings, as well as general world building advice and resources.
  • World Building - An example of designing a planet, from basic roleplaying physical assumptions games to geography to weather systems and roleplaying archeological remains.
  • World Builder Projects - Starting place for information on how to build an imaginary roleplaying setting.
  • Worldbuilding - Indexed links reviewed for their relevance to gamemasters. With additional information on conlangs, fantasy names, and fictional religions.
  • Rich Staats' RPG / World Building Articles - Many interesting original and adapted articles of all world building aspects of gaming worlds, with much of interest world building to world builders.

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