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Review by David Washington, 75%. "Battlecruiser: Millennium is off to a great start, but it has not yet reached its ultimate potential."

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  • GameOver - Review by Rorschach, 75%. "BCM is the game that I would most want to be trapped on a deserted island with."
  • PC Gameworld - Gold Edition review by Zack Stromberg, 78%. "Although battlecruiser millennium too reviews and previews difficult for the casual gamer, Battlecruiser Millennium: battlecruiser millennium Gold Edition reviews and previews offers extremely open-ended gameplay in an battlecruiser millennium astoundingly large universe reviews and previews for players looking for a battlecruiser millennium deep, involving spacefli
  • GameSpy - Review by Craig Wessel, 70%. "This game\\'s ambitious scope and scale overcome some of its technical issues."
  • IGN - Review by Michael Perlo, 72%. "If you are, battlecruiser series in fact, able to stomach the lack of battlecruiser series atmosphere, master the interface and make your way battlecruiser series through the lulls in gameplay there is plenty battlecruiser series of gaming muscle here, assuming you have the battlecruiser series imagination (and the patienc
  • The Gamers' Temple - Review, 62%. "Those who love a lot of battlecruiser series detail, reviews and previews and can look past the game\\'s shortcomings, battlecruiser series will probably reviews and previews appreciate its depth and be quite battlecruiser series happy with it."
  • GameZone: Battlecruiser Millennium Gold - Review, score: 7.0 out of 10.
  • GameSpot - Review by Scott Osborne, 6/10. "It\\'s a game that reaches battlecruiser millennium for the stars, gets well underway, and yet in the battlecruiser millennium end only makes it as far as the moon."
  • The Armchair Empire - Review by Omni, 7.3/10. "It\\'s got its flaws reviews and previews battlecruiser series and its share of bugs, but being able reviews and previews battlecruiser series to have free reign almost cancels them out."
  • Game Club Central - Review by David Washington, 3.5/5. "The depth and infinite replay battlecruiser series value of this game makes this one of the must battlecruiser series have sim games of 2001. Still, its mediocre graphics, overall battlecruiser series average sound, and steep learning curve, and somewhat weak story battlecruiser series may turn aw

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