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Sites directly related to video game titles which are primarily set in a futuristic or fictional universe beyond the earth's atmosphere. Collections of games based around a space theme (such as Star Wars or Star Trek) are listed here, even though certain individual titles may not be space combat titles. True space combat games typically allow players to pilot or command spacecraft, and allow ship-to-ship 'first person' combat. They may offer other complementary features, such as planet-based play, wingmen, trading, and roleplay. Games that involve space flight simulation are normally listed here. Space related god games are not listed here. Adventure, roleplaying and strategy games simply set in space are listed within their respective genres.

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  • A Talent for War - Offers news, community updates, reviews, interviews and other space combat coverage action of space combat simulation and strategy games.
  • Space Games of Fame - Information and history on a variety of space games.

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