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Lists sites for games which are made by fans of the Space Combat genre, and are under development. This category also includes sites which assist in the creation of independent games.

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See Also:
  • Starshatter - Describes military space combat simulation for PC, with gameplay details, space combat downloads including demonstration version, and forum.
  • DarcTangent - Describes development of "Fire on the Sun: Tactical independent developers Command", with concept art and screenshots.
  • Decaying Orbit - Describes space action game, with game information, screenshots, independent developers and independent developers cheats.
  • Vega Strike - Describes space simulation in which players trade and bounty hunt. space combat Includes features, forum, manual, and downloads of beta versions.
  • Starscape - Contains demo, sales, screen shots, and game information.
  • Battlefox - Developers of a space flight action game. Includes project status, description, screen shots, forum, and news.
  • Unistellar Industries - Includes news, concept art, and test client download action for a space combat futuristic space flight simulator.

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