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EVE Online, is a massively multiplayer, online, persistent world game. Played on the Internet, players are spaceship captains cruising around the universe, trading, fighting and communicating with other players.

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EVE Online* - Official website with news, game information, and forums. Includes links to several fan sites and player run corporations.

  • Eve Trader - Offers a free Eve-Online market analysis and monitoring tool.
  • All About EVE Online - Features player guides, tools, calculators, competitions, reviews and stories.
  • Eve Online Links - Offers a link collection for the game.
  • EVElopedia - A user-edited encyclopedia that covers fiction, the ISD eve online volunteer program as well as missions and organizations.
  • EVE-Odessa Fansite - Contains forums, an in-game screen shots gallery, various guides and massive multiplayer online F.A.Q. in English and Russian.
  • Killer Guides - Eve Online - Offers strategy guides that cover making ISK, PvP eve online tactics and fitting ships.
  • EVE Online - Offers basic information and guides for new players.
  • EVE-ONLINE Information and Resources - Directory and resources, including forum, missions database, COSMOS, eve online NPC eve online ships, Agents, offers, NPC divisions,and universe map.
  • EVE Online Vault - Includes news, articles, and message boards.
  • Aeon's EVE - Captain\\'s log of the players AeonOfTime, including a massive multiplayer online space combat screenshots gallery and in-game tools.
  • EVE Wiki - Encyclopedia of Eve-Online politics and game-play with player-written massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online articles.
  • EBank - In-game banking services. Offers interest-bearing accounts and loans. space combat Website massive multiplayer online includes account management, news and support forums.
  • EveMaven - An online shop offering ISK, ships and items massive multiplayer online eve online for sale. Offers order-tracking and supports USD, EUR massive multiplayer online eve online and GBP.
  • EvE Online Wiki - Provides an encyclopedia that covers topics like ships, corporations and alliances.
  • EVE Online ISK Prices - MMOBUX - Price comparison of different currency shops.
  • Eve Online - The Church Alliance - Provides the killboards and forums of the PvP massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online Alliance.
  • EVEColony - Provides mission reports, player guides, NPC database, factional massive multiplayer online massive multiplayer online warfare, killboards, ship loadouts.
  • EVE-Radio - Offers 24/7 live DJs, music, competitions and developer space combat interviews. Has been online since the beta of space combat the game.
  • Eve Online Fan - A fan site with news, guides and race space combat descriptions.
  • Ombey's 2d EVEMaps - Provides 2d PDF maps for Eve Online.
  • EVE Online PVP Guide - Sells a strategy guide that includes ship setups, solo strategies and attribute listings.
  • Gamespot: EVE Online: The Second Genesis - Includes news coverage, review, previews, screen shots, trailers massive multiplayer online space combat and discussion forum.
  • Eve Online Ships - An image gallery and database of ships, including massive multiplayer online documentation.
  • EVE Online Strategies at Strategy Freaks - Offers a member-only forum that requires a strategy submission to space combat join.
  • REBOOT Bots - Offers autopilot and salvager-looter bots.
  • EVE Guardian - EVE news and polls.
  • EVE Production and Research Manager - Provides a planning tool for ship outfits and space combat character massive multiplayer online advancement.
  • EVE Galaxy - Contains game features and races, forum, and news.
  • EVE Pirates - Offers pirating stories, news, and forums.
  • EVE Giga - Sells items, ISK and ships for real money.
  • EvE Library - Maintains an article collection and link directory.
  • Eve Strategic Maps - An atlas of 2D Eve Maps.
  • BattleClinic - Provides killboards, forums, an item database, a complex space combat list and a manufacturing tool.
  • MMORPG.com - Eve Online - Game overview, screenshots, news, ratings and links.
  • Eve Online at Ten Ton Hammer - Community site that offers basic information, articles and forums.
  • The Garden of EVE - Features news, background, races, ships, downloads including music and movies.
  • Eve Shadow - Sells EVE game-time codes, currency and ships. Offers massive multiplayer online an affiliate program.
  • GrismarNetWiki - A Wiki about EVE Online, edited and maintained space combat by massive multiplayer online players. Covers a wide variety of game space combat topics. Also massive multiplayer online offers tools like an agent locator, space combat an item and massive multiplayer online an npc database.
  • Simple Miner - Offers a macro mining solution for a fee.

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