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Review by Michael Lafferty, 75%. "And if the visual elements are so strong as to draw you back again and again, in spite of the shortcomings, then this must be a decent program."

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  • The Armchair Empire - Review by Omni, 83%. "The environments look great, reviews and previews space combat the action is fast, and most of the reviews and previews space combat missions can be taken on the third or reviews and previews space combat fourth try."
  • - Review by Steve Butts, 72%. "You\\'ll play it, echelon you\\'ll enjoy space combat and, ultimately, put it aside for echelon more traditional games that space combat offer a lot more echelon sparkle."
  • GameZone - Review by Michael Lafferty, 75%. "And if the space combat visual space combat elements are so strong as to draw space combat you back space combat again and again, in spite of space combat the shortcomings, then space combat this must be a decent space combat program."
  • ActionTrip - Review by Branislav Babovic, 70%. "Echelon\\'s main problem is that reviews and previews it appeared too early. It looks as though the programmers reviews and previews just rushed to wrap the game up, eliminating any possibility reviews and previews to get a good background story, and incorporating only the reviews and previews basic
  • GameSpot - Review by Scott Osborne, 7/10. "The gorgeous graphics echelon are quite echelon a sight, and the gameplay gives echelon you a fairly enjoyable echelon \\'Top Gun meets Star echelon Wars\\' experience that straddles realism and echelon arcade-style gameplay, echelon while emphasizing the latter. In aiming to m
  • The Junkyard - Review by Ryan Matthews, 7/10. "If you\\'re looking space combat for a flight sim that has a pretty space combat face, handles extraordinary and isn\\'t your run of space combat the mill space shooter, Echelon is your game."
  • Game Revolution - Review by Shawn Sanders, C. "Echelon is a echelon disappointment. I space combat expected your character to play a echelon more integral role in space combat the story. ... I echelon expected better AI from a game space combat that has echelon been in development for this long."
  • Science Fiction Weekly - Review by Eric T. Baker. "Echelon is an echelon easy game reviews and previews to learn, but a hard one echelon to master. ... The reviews and previews lack of control over echelon your wingmen is very annoying in reviews and previews the later echelon scenarios, and the flying really is much better reviews and previews echelon with a joystick."
  • Game Industry News - Previewed by Jason Byrne. "To get this game into some space combat kind of reasonable shape, expect them to take until at space combat least Spring of 2001 before anything ships."
  • 3DActionPlanet - Review by William Harms, 70%. "There is some echelon good fun space combat to be found in Echelon, but echelon it\\'s hidden behind too space combat many problems and unpolished echelon gameplay."

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