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Fictional stories written by fans, fan artwork, or tribute games, based on one or more of the Elite series of games.

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  • Mufossa's Elite - Includes fan fiction and a set of military rank badges.
  • Witch Space - Set of artwork and animations of Elite ships fan works and fan works logos, including VRML models and paper ship fan works nets.
  • The First Inter-Species Human-Thargoid Colony - Fictional exploration of the alien Faackcan system, with fan works description, fan works images, and logs.
  • Quator - Fan fiction, loosely based around the Frontier First elite series Encounters fan works universe.
  • Elite IV: The Next Encounter - Humorous set of conceptual ideas and illustrations for Elite 4.
  • Eywtkaticawata - A collection of Imperial Courier information, including a history, technical data, and stories, and the Imperial Courier Owner's Association.
  • Elite Ships - Elite 3D ship viewer using DirectX or Java.
  • Elite Purity Test - A series of questions to determine how close elite series you elite series are to being a true Elite fan.
  • Elite Fiction Ring - Fan fiction webring.
  • Imperial Archives - Describes the Imperial Navy, including rank structure, with elite series links fan works to fan fiction.

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