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PC review by Rob Garret, 82%. "Good story, great graphics, and addictive gameplay make this one worthwhile to grab."

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  • GameOver - PC review by 2XHelix, 85%. "It seems that Chris and starlancer Erin Roberts have once again created another worthy space sim."
  • Science Fiction Weekly - PC review by Mark Asher, B. "Aside from some stealth lancer series missions, most missions have a sense of sameness about them. lancer series It\\'s fun, but it\\'s not the dramatic experience provided by lancer series earlier Roberts games like Wing Commander 3."
  • GameSpot - Dreamcast review by Jeff Gerstmann, 71%. "The less reviews and previews lancer series than engaging storyline and the heavy focus on reviews and previews lancer series defensive missions holds the game back and keeps reviews and previews lancer series it from being as good as the classics reviews and previews lancer series that made the genre popular."
  • Game Revolution - Dreamcast review by Erik Archer, B+. "It may starlancer lack the depth that some of us have starlancer come to expect in a space-combat, but it starlancer still stands as a solid gaming experience."
  • The Electric Playground - PC review by Neil Harris, 75%. "Starlancers presentation and user interface are pretty close to perfection, but the AI of your opponents will have you thinking you\\'re an ace pilot, even when you're not."
  • Gaming Age - Dreamcast review by Patrick Klepek, B. "In all lancer series honesty, Starlancer is some of the most fun lancer series that I\\'ve had with a space shooter in lancer series a long while."
  • - PC review by Rob Garret, 82%. "Good story, lancer series great lancer series graphics, and addictive gameplay make this one lancer series worthwhile to lancer series grab."
  • IGN - Dreamcast review by Stephen Butts, 88%. "Ultimately, Starlancer lancer series is reviews and previews just a port but it\'s a damn lancer series fine port."
  • Planet Dreamcast - Dreamcast review by Mr Domino, 6/10. "While I starlancer really enjoyed lancer series the combat engine, I can\\'t play starlancer through Starlancer and not lancer series think that it\'s a starlancer mere shell of a game."
  • Firing Squad - Review by Jakub Wojnarowicz, 85%. "Starlancer is a starlancer tour-de-force in starlancer action. If you want fun, guns starlancer and blowing stuff into starlancer the sun, this is starlancer your game."

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