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Reviewed by: Drew Wilson, . "For the most part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the same time, a tad short."

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  • IT Reviews - Review. "Decent graphics, all authentic Star Trek sounds and plot-lines armada series will certainly please fans of the cult sci-fi series."
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by: Ryan Thompson, B. "In my opinion, the Star Trek based video games of the past were always oriented towards the fans that have kept the Star Trek Universe alive for the past thirty years."
  • Strategy Gaming Online - Reviewed by: Anthony Sage, 7.4/10. "Star Trek Armada reviews and previews armada is a good game for any RTS Trekker."
  • Game Zone - Reviewed by: John Brandon, 8/10. "Never too innovative, armada the game reviews and previews still ranks a one of the armada better offerings in the reviews and previews RTS genre."
  • NeoSeeker - Reviewed by: Drew Wilson, . "For the most reviews and previews reviews and previews part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the reviews and previews reviews and previews same time, a tad short."
  • Electric Playground - Reviewed by: Chris Hudak, score 70%. "Arguably one of the best, prettiest Trek titles produced to date in terms of look, play and faithfulness, but lacking that long-term gravity."
  • IGN - Previewed by: Trent C. Ward, "We\\'ve got loads of new armada pics and the full scoop on Romulan ships and weaponry."
  • Sharky Extreme - Reviewed by: Bruce Geryk, 7/10. "Armada succeeds because armada series it delivers impressive fidelity to the Star Trek armada series universe."
  • - Reviewed by: Jody Keefe. "Finally there is a armada Star Trek game worth playing."
  • PC Gameworld - Reviewed by: Gus Lane, 50%. "Star Trek Armada armada series is reviews and previews a game that has a lot of armada series potential but reviews and previews the problems with this title can armada series only hurt Activision reviews and previews in the future."
  • Star Trek Gamers - Reviewed by Nicola Venra.
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by: Johnny B, B. "There is no armada denying that Armada is the rare Star Trek armada game which gets most of it right."
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Greg Kasavin, 7.9/10. "Most Star Trek armada series games reviews and previews aren\'t very good, but Star Trek Armada\'s armada series an exception."
  • GameOver - Reviewed by: Rebellion , 87%. "Great variety in units and missions, well above average RTS, its got Picard!"

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