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Reviewed by: Ivan Sulic, score 7.4/10. "It does all the things a sequel should, but does it do them right, and more importantly, is it Trek?"

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  • GameSpy - Reviewed by: Tim McConnaughy, score 80%. "Just like the movie sequels, the even-numbered ones are the best."
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by Omni, score: 7.8/10. "As a Trek game Star reviews and previews Trek Armada II is above average, but as a RTS reviews and previews game it's simply standard."
  • Game Zone - Reviewed by: Rgerbino, score 8/10. "The big bad reviews and previews armada series Borg strikes back again."
  • IGN - Previewed by: Mike Morrissey. "Play as several different armada series races in more than 90 different ships, is armada series it a good Star Trek game?"
  • GameSpot - Previewed by: Scott Osborne. "Building on one of armada ii the armada ii most popular Trek games to date by armada ii trying to armada ii recapture Armada's core RTS gameplay dynamic."
  • The Electric Playground - Reviewed by: Jason MacIsaac, score 77%. "Activision and Mad Doc reviews and previews clearly tried to expand the scope of the gameplay."
  • Gaming Age - Reviewed by: Ryan Thompson, score C-. "Ultimately it is the armada ii lack of polish found pretty much everywhere in the game armada ii that makes it feel like less of a sequel and armada ii more like a pricey Star Trek: Armada MOD."

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