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Previewed by: Amer Ajami. "Dominion Wars is a real-time strategy game that eschews traditional resource management in favor of tactical space combat."

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  • FiringSquad - Previewed by: Terence Wong. "The sound effects and star trek games star trek games music in Dominion Wars also feel like they\\'ve star trek games star trek games been taken directly from the TV series."
  • Allscifi Computer Game - Rated a D-. "I don\\'t give it an reviews and previews F only because the opening cut scene was reviews and previews good."
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  • GameSpot - Previewed by: Giancario Varanini. "Dominion Wars isn\\'t and ordinary strategy reviews and previews game."
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Royce Brainard. Score: 3-1/2 out of 5.

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