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Modifications and Add-Ons contains sites which provide player-created downloads for modifying or adding to Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. This includes maps, skins, models, and modifications.

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See Also:
  • The Synapse - Skins, tutorials, and modifications.
  • O'Brien's EF MODs and MAPs - Includes self-made maps and modifications, plus a forum.
  • Elite Force Phantoms - Single player modification with screenshots and downloads.
  • The Return - Based on a book written by William Shatner where the modifications and add-ons Romulan Empire forge an alliance with the Borg.
  • Hazard Team Qualification - Contains news, information, and downloads.
  • A Gate, Two Birds And The Beautiful Sky - Single player open-source modification and the official sequel elite force series to Colony7. News, screen shots, FAQ, and forums.
  • SpaceStation K7 - Contains skins and modifications based on themes from elite force series the original series.
  • Elite Farce - Bots and skins plus comic strips based on modifications and add-ons elite force the game.
  • Red Dwarf - Modification based on the TV show with maps modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons and skins.
  • Colony 7 - Story, screen shots, and downloads.

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