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Contains sites whose main focus is to provide cheats, frequently asked questions (FAQs), walk-throughs, help files, hints, and codes for the Windows version of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

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See Also:
  • GameSpot - Includes cheats for the game. (Windows)
  • Cheat Code Central - Contains cheat code information and a strategy guide. (Windows)
  • Totally Elite Force - Cheats for single player and holomatch. Includes give items, non cheats and hints player character, and map name lists. (Windows)
  • IGN Guide - Contains guide with game basics, walk-through, weapons, and windows crew member elite force information. (Windows)
  • GamePro - Contains cheat code information. (Windows)
  • GameSpot Game Guide - Contains weapon strategies, walk-through, holomatch strategies, and codes. cheats and hints (Windows)
  • Voyager Elite Force - A list of tips to help through the missions. (Windows)
  • IGN - Lists codes and effects plus item and map cheats and hints elite force lists. (Windows)
  • Game Revolution - Includes information about cheat codes. (Windows)

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