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Reviewed by: Omni, score 8.9/10. "There's been a slow shift recently to good Trek games and Elite Force continues the trend." (Windows)

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  • Speedy 3D - Reviewed by: Mark Jackson, score 8.5/10. "Lovers of elite force Star elite force Trek would give EF in the nineties; elite force more objective elite force viewers would give it in the elite force eighties or late elite force seventies." (Windows)
  • PC Gameworld - Reviewed by James Diaz, score 90%. "Action gamers rejoice! A straightforward action shooter that produces both a strong single player and online multiplayer experience." (Windows)
  • Game Over - Reviewed by: Pseudo Nim, score 60%. "There really is absolutely nothing that would make this game worth buying over some of the other games on the market." (Windows)
  • ActiveWin - Review By: Cliff Palmer, Jr, score 91%. "Activision elite force has proven their worth with Elite Force to elite force take on the Trek gaming franchise." (Windows)
  • GameZone - Reviewed by: Gil Alexander Shif, score 8.6/10. windows "If I windows die in a combat zone, beam windows me up and ship windows me home." (Windows)
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by: Brian, score B+. "Overall, Elite Force screams quality windows gaming, though perhaps a little short of quantity." (Windows)
  • Glide Underground - Reviewed by: Michael Ahlf, score 4/5. "Anyone wanting windows to play windows a great Star Trek game should windows try this out." (Windows)
  • Gamers Hell - [8/10] "In my point of view...a good contender for game reviews and previews of the year."
  • FiringSquad - Reviewed by: Sarju Shah, score 80%. "There won\\'t windows be any gold stars for this title, but windows for a little Star Trekkin\' fun this game windows doesn't go wrong." (Windows)
  • GameSpy - Reviewed by: Caryn Law, score 91%. "The curse on the elite force Star Trek game franchise is broken in Raven\\'s latest title, elite force offering up one of the best FPS experiences this year." elite force (Windows)
  • Just Adventure - Reviewed by: Matthew Desmond. "One thing that is safe to say is that it\\'s finally broken the Star Trek game curse." (Windows)
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Greg Kasavin, score 8.6/10. "Consistently action-packed." elite force (Windows)
  • Neoseeker - Reviewed by: Shawn Hawkins, score 75%. "Once windows again there is an attempt to capitalize on windows the Star Trek series." (Windows)
  • Sharky Games - Reviewed by: Andrew S. Bub, score 7/10. "You elite force can\\'t windows review a Star Trek game without mentioning elite force that most windows Star Trek games really suck." (Windows)
  • Armchair Empire - Reviewed by: Omni, score 8.9/10. "There\\'s been elite force a windows slow shift recently to good Trek games elite force and Elite windows Force continues the trend." (Windows)
  • Computer Gamers - Reviewed by: Scott, score 70%. "If you\\'re a diehard TREK reviews and previews collector buy the special edition with the pin." (Windows)
  • IGN - Previewed by: Vincent Lopez. "Can Raven do reviews and previews reviews and previews no wrong when it comes to shooters?"
  • Games First - Reviewed by: Ben Moore, score 4/5. " It is well-done, fun to play, and will be popular with Trek and FPS fans alike." (Windows)

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