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Reviewed by: Susan Davis, 4/5. "Despite its tremendous publicity, Unity doesn't push the limits of multimedia adventures very much."

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  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Chris Hudak, "At last, a well-executed game based star trek games on the recent batch of Star Trek shows." [8.0/10]
  • Adventure Collective - Reviewed by: Joshua Mintzer and Philip Jong, "Spectrum Holobyte has done a remarkable job of making a distinctive, enjoyable, and even deep adventure from the exploits of Picard and co." [4/5]
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  • Urban Desires - Reviewed by: Richard P. Greenfield. "The game\\'s plot is simple star trek games but with the added twist of random simulation."
  • The Computer Show - Reviewed by: Al Giovetti, "Interest in this game and this topic is immense."
  • Game Zone - Reviewed by: Susan Davis, 4/5. "Despite its tremendous reviews and previews publicity, Unity doesn\\'t push the limits of multimedia reviews and previews adventures very much."

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