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Rated 9.8/10. "This game is a must have for anyone at all interested in Star Trek ship combat. There is no other conclusion."

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  • Games First - Reviewed by: Derek Meyer, 5/5. "Great as it reviews and previews is, SFC does have a few flaws."
  • PC Gameworld - Reviewed by: Scott R Krol, 91%. "An engrossing reviews and previews starfleet command computer game borne from a classic board game, reviews and previews starfleet command Starfleet Command shines as a great game and reviews and previews starfleet command a great conversion. Kudos to Interplay!"
  • IGN - Reviewed by: Trent C. Ward, 8.3/10. "It\\'s not starfleet command perfect, starfleet command series but this real-time retooling of Task Force\\'s starfleet command classic is starfleet command series very addictive."
  • - Reviewed by: Trent Levesque, 7.5/10. "This is a starfleet command series starfleet command series great Starship simulator, and a good game overall."
  • Game Over - Reviewed by: 2xHelix, 73%. "It is a well reviews and previews thought out game, for those who enjoy the reviews and previews series."
  • Game Revolution - Reviewed by: Lance Larka, A-. "An excellent game reviews and previews with a tactical depth that would be hard reviews and previews pressed to match anywhere else."
  • CNN - Reviewed by: D. Ian Hopper. "While Starfleet Command doesn\\'t do starfleet command everything right, it does enough to distinguish itself as the starfleet command best Trek ship-to-ship game available. "
  • Gamespot UK - Previewed by: John Houlihan. "Starfleet Command is also playing its multiplayer credentials to the hilt with head-to-head action for up to six players via LAN, modem and the internet."
  • Strategy Gaming Online - Previewed by: Steve Lieb. "I love Star Trek starfleet command in starfleet command series most of its incarnations, but I haven\\'t starfleet command spent a starfleet command series single moment at a convention and starfleet command have never owned starfleet command series a single pair of Vulcan starfleet command ears."
  • Master Gamer - Reviewed by: Mike Bean. "Once you get into it, SFC starfleet command is an addictive mix of fast-paced action and strategy."
  • Game Vortex - Reviewed by: Storm, 6/10. "Good graphics, simple game reviews and previews starfleet command mechanics, and bad game design makes this a reviews and previews starfleet command good game to pick up - from the reviews and previews starfleet command bargain rack."

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