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Review by Keith Pullin, 84%. "A few more innovative elements such as supply lines and slightly better graphics would have been welcome, but what the hell - there's gameplay here in abundance and that's what counts."

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  • Tech TV - Review by Jonah Jackson, 3/5. "If you are galactic battlegrounds a Star Wars fan who is trying the galactic battlegrounds RTS genre for the first time, Galactic Battlegrounds galactic battlegrounds is a good choice."
  • The Electric Playground - Review by Brian Gladman, 75%. "A worthwhile pick-up reviews and previews galactic battlegrounds if you\\'re an Age of Empires player who reviews and previews galactic battlegrounds also happens to really like Star Wars or reviews and previews galactic battlegrounds a real Star Wars fan looking to get reviews and previews galactic battlegrounds into the AoE-style RTS genre."
  • Action Trip - Review by Gareth Von Kallenbach, 86%. "A fun and solid game that despite having dated graphics and a lot of resemblance to an \\'Age\\' mod, it finally delivers the RTS Star Wars game that will satisfy the fans who have waited for a long time for a RTS g
  • GameSpot: Clone Campaigns - Reviewed by Tom Chick, [6.4/10]. "The original ... was a reviews and previews good game in that it brought to life the epic reviews and previews sweep of battles in the Star Wars universe, but this reviews and previews expansion pack doesn't add much to that epic sweep."
  • GameSpot - Review by Tom Chick, 82%. "On one hand, galactic battlegrounds sure, it\\'s a derivative real-time strategy game. But galactic battlegrounds on the other hand, it\\'s a tidy little galactic battlegrounds bundle of escapism that\\'s perfect for a generation galactic battlegrounds of gamers raised on Star Wars."
  • BlueSmoke - Review by Jin-Ning Tioh. "An artful blending of reviews and previews two worlds, one of which is the tried-and-true reviews and previews engine and gameplay of Age of Empires II, reviews and previews as well as the storytelling, art, and design reviews and previews of the seasoned Star Wars designers, Galactic Battlegrounds reviews and previews certainl
  • Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns - Review by Carla Harker, [82/100]. "You won\\'t find anything truly different about Clone Campaigns, but that\\'s generally not what expansion packs are all about."
  • GameSpy - Review by David Cassady and Debra McBride, 77%. "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is a solid and very enjoyable RTS that should please fans of the series even if it doesn\'t wow them."
  • GameZone - Review by RGerbino, 9/10. "Galactic Battlegrounds is AOE with the coolest facelift this side of Mos Eisley."
  • TheForce.Net - Review by Mark Isaacson, 89%. "Galactic Battlegrounds will galactic battlegrounds finally reviews and previews please those who have been waiting for galactic battlegrounds a Star reviews and previews Wars Real Time Strategy game that galactic battlegrounds actually does the reviews and previews license justice."
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by Royce Brainard, score: 4-1/2 out of galactic battlegrounds 5.
  • IGN - Reviewed by Steve Butts, 8/10. "I love Age of Star reviews and previews Wars, I mean Star Empires. Whatever it\'s called, I dig reviews and previews it."
  • Game Revolution - Review by Brian Gee, C. "In a nutshell, reviews and previews it feels like an AoE mod more than reviews and previews a stand-alone game."
  • Computer and Video Games - Review by Keith Pullin, 84%. "A few more galactic battlegrounds innovative elements such as supply lines and slightly galactic battlegrounds better graphics would have been welcome, but what galactic battlegrounds the hell - there\'s gameplay here in abundance galactic battlegrounds and that's what counts."

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